5 Epic Road Trips We’re Dreaming Of

Nothing compares to a good old road trip! It’s basically freedom on wheels, so buckle up; here’s our top 5 must-try road trips of 2017 (and beyond!) 



Garden Route, South Africa

It should come as no surprise that SA is an obvious destination for road-tripping, as you’ll simply find some of the most stunning nature here. The Garden Route, in particular, is popular as it winds along the South African coast, taking you through lush plantations, mountain sceneries and breath-taking ocean views. Along the way, you’ll pass Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Duration: 2 weeks

Route 1, Iceland

A must-try for adventurous nature lovers, Iceland’s scenic Ring Road goes all along Iceland’s coast and leaves you absolutely speechless. Expect dramatic sceneries including volcanoes, lagoons, geysers and waterfalls. You’ll need a Jeep or some kind of SUV to get you around. WebJet’s car hire offers a large selection of cars.

Duration: 2 weeks

Causeway Coastal Route, Ireland

Enjoy the beauty of Ireland at the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, which is filled to the brim with breath-taking sights. It’s a shorter version of the famous Wild Atlantic Way, but you’ll still pass Belfast and Dark Hedges, which are absolute must-see’s in Ireland. The route can be completed in a couple of days, but make time to enjoy it.

Duration: 4 days


Amalfi Coast, Italy

This could be the world’s most romantic drive! The narrow yet extremely picturesque road clings to the rugged coastline, which means you’ll have epic views of the ocean beneath. Along the way, you’ll pass through tunnels and the iconic pastel-colored villages such as Positano and Sorrento. It’s an Italian dream come true!

Duration: 1 day

Route 66, USA

The iconic ‘Route 66’ hardly needs an introduction. Since 1926, it has been welcoming thrill-seeking adventurers longing for the ultimate American road trip, which has since become somewhat of an institution. Get your kicks from Illinois to California in a classic convertible - just to make the dream complete! This road will lead you through what’s often regarded as ‘the real America’.

Duration: 2 weeks (but spend at least 3)

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