5 luxurious spa hotels in Sweden

Sweden is not only well-known for its comfort and breathtaking nature; it’s a spa lovers paradise! From North to South: Here are five of my favorite spa hotels.


Ystad Saltsjöbad

The southern-most region of Sweden is called ‘Skåne’, and here you’ll find an array of small hotels, inns and spa hotels. Nestling just 20 meters from the open sea, the most popular one is probably ‘Ystad Saltsjöbad’ or simply YSB. A lot of jet setters find their way to this charming hotel, especially during summer when lounge beats and cocktails fill up the outside areas.
The Salt Creek Spa offers a wide range of treatments and even more spa packages for guests to choose from. Try out the 2-hour Creek Experience, which will leave you more content and relaxed than ever.

YSB, Saltsjöbadsvägen 15, 271 39 Ystad 

Hotel Skansen

Located in the charming town of Båstad and just a stone’s throw from the sea, Hotel Skansen has been a popular choice of jet setters and hedonists for many years. Apart from a yearly tennis tournament attracting thousands of people, the hotel is well-known for its pampering spa area including both fitness classes and regular spa facilities. The kallbadhus (a spa located in the sea offering jacuzzis and a sauna) is an absolute must-try! Sipping a glass of chilled white wine while staring into the open sea will take away all of your sorrows. I promise.

Hotel Skansen, Kyrkogatan 2, 269 33 Båstad 

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The video below shows what you can experience in Sweden (in Danish):

Hotel Tylösand

Located a 2-hour drive from Copenhagen, Hotel Tylösand is not only easy to reach - when you enter the lobby, it’s like entering another world! This large 4-star hotel is all about pampering the senses; from the yoga morning classes and pool fitness to the stunning sea views, delightful food and impressive spa area. Nothing is left for imagination here! Tylösand offers the perfect recreative surroundings and a 2-floor spa with a salt water pool, jacuzzis etc.

Hotel Tylösand, Tylöhusvägen 28, 302 73 Halmstad

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Selma Spa

This award-winning spa is one of the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. Nestling between rough nature and the charming town of Sunne, Selma Spa is perfect if you’d like to combine wellness experiences with an active holiday. It’s a popular destination due to its recreational areas, where guests can enjoy anything from luxurious spa treatments to fitness and health programs. To put it short: Selma Spa caters to all your needs!

Selma Spa, Sundsbergsvägen 3, 686 35 Sunne 

Falkenberg Strandbad

To keep it as recreational as possible, most spa hotels are located close to the sea - and Falkenberg Strandbad is no exception. This family-friendly get-away has a stunning location on the Swedish west coast and the spa, The Retreat Club, was nominated ‘Best Hotel Spa in Sweden’ in 2015. Choose between 3 different spa packages (Ivory, Ruby and Safir) to get the most out of your stay. All packages include a stay at the hotel, dinner and access to the spa area, but I highly recommend trying out one of the pampering treatments.

Falkenberg Strandbad, Havsbadsallén 2A, 311 42 Falkenberg 

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