5 spectacular meditation/mindfulness retreats in Europe

We all occasionally need to unwind from our hectic everyday life, hence the invention of meditation and mindfulness retreats. Embark on a journey of self-growth and inner peace in one of these five spectacular places: it’s an investment in yourself and your health.

Longevity Mindfulness: Portugal

How does a secluded beach resort sound in your ears? Very well then. Get ready to pack your bags, cause as exotic as it may sound, you don’t need to go further than Portugal to experience this scenario. Longevity Medical Spa is all about de-stressing, and you’ll get to the point of pure bliss and relaxation by practicing mindfulness several times a day. There are both classes and private sessions conducted by professional mindfulness instructors, and guests can also indulge in healing sessions and massages. Go to www.longevityvilalara.com for more information.

Choose this retreat if: you need to get in tune (adding a bit of luxury) 

The Body Camp: Ibiza

Ibiza has gained somewhat of a party image throughout the past decades, but the sunny island has a lot more to offer than clubs and bars. The Body Camp, for example. This retreat is located in a beautiful villa surrounded by olive groves and lime trees, and if nature doesn’t soothe your body and mind, the daily mindfulness sessions certainly will. It’s also about physical well-being, though. Guests will find various fitness activities as well as yoga classes, massages and, of course, plenty of time to swim in the ocean. Oh, and there’s a revitalizing saltwater pool, too. What’s not to like?
Go to www.thebodycamp.com for more information.

Choose this retreat if: you want to combine physical and mental well-being 

Kalyana Centre for Mindfulness: Ireland

Located on the Dingle peninsula in the south-western part of Ireland, which by the way is one of the most stunning places on Earth (!), you’ll find Kalyana: a mindfulness and meditation retreat offering both short and longer stays. Classes and sessions put focus on stress reduction, which is why nature, silence and compassion also play important roles. In fact, most days are spent at the retreat in silence. A maximum of 10 participant can be hosted at a time.
Go to www.kalyanacentre.com for more information.

Choose this retreat if: you’re looking for peace and quietness 

Simple Peace: Italy

It should come as no surprise that the Italian region of Umbria, serves as the ideal location for mindfulness retreats. Simple Peace is no exception. Nestling in the ancient city of Assisi, guests will feel both connected to themselves and the past through inner stillness. The week-long program puts focus on silent meditation, which supposedly helps participants to connect with themselves and their surroundings in the best way possible. Each room includes a private bathroom and a terrace with views of the valley and the surrounding olive groves.
Go to www.assisiretreats.org for more information.

Choose this retreat if: you want to find happiness within 

Holy Isle: Scotland

Scotland, with its breathtakingly beautiful nature, has also made it to our list! And what better location for a Tibetan mindfulness retreat than on a remote island? That’s exactly what Holy Isle is. The dramatic surroundings will instantly make guests connect to nature in a whole new way! One will not only find complete stillness: there’s also an interesting wildlife consisting of e.g. goats and horses that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Daily meditation sessions are held at The Centre for World Peace & Health in the north of the island while the southern part accommodates a handful of residents living here in isolated silence. Accommodation here is quite modest, but that’s part of the journey.
Go to www.holyisland.org for more information.

Choose this if: you want to take mindfulness to a serious level 

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