A day at Eden Roc Spa / Miami

A relaxing day spa experience at Eden Roc in Miami had long been on our ‘must-try list’! Miami is a colorful, vibrant and pretty hectic place, so a day at Eden Roc Spa is pretty much everything you need to unwind and become the best version of yourself. Here’s what we experienced. 


South Beach Glamour

Eden Roc Miami Beach is what you could call a grand old lady of luxury hotels. The place has been an institution of luxury and joie de vivre since its opening in 1956, and prominent guests such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and even the Kennedy’s often came here to enjoy life. Through the 50’s and 60’s it was the place to be seen, and even though decades have passed and restorations have been made here and there, some things just never change. The sea view is still amazing, and so is the familiar South Beach glamour that lingers in every corner.

Our day “at the spa” would consist of a treatment, in this case a “candle light massage” followed by free entrance to the spa area. Before the massage could begin we were advised to pick a scent - we choose ‘wild rose’ - and we were showed to the changing rooms with robes and slippers. Just minutes later we found ourselves relaxing in the cosy waiting area, which was actually one of the highlights of the whole experience. It faces three large pools and refreshments includes water with lemon, yoghurt covered pretzels, trail mix and chilled apples. Furthermore, guests can indulge in a large number of magazines, free wifi and relaxing music. Each treatment covers the use of spa, fitness and outdoor facilities (pool and beach included).

22.000 square feet spa

Our spa therapist, Atara, was very attentive and friendly. She began our treatment by making sure we were completely comfortable (we were!) and one hour of candle light wellness massage could begin. At the end we had a scalp massage followed by a lovely massage of the feet with a hot towel. A truly relaxing and pampering experience!

The spa area of Eden Roc is welcoming with quite a lot of facilities, however, we missed a bit of instruction on how to use the different facilities. Unfortunately the steam room was out of order when we were there and the sauna was not quite heated enough, but cold bandages and cucumber water was placed outside of the sauna - a thoughtful detail.

The spa covers 22.000 square feet and offers a boutique hair and nail salon and a gift shop as well. It is easy to spend an entire afternoon in the impressive surroundings, so we will definitely be back!

For more information on Eden Roc Spa go to www.edenrocmiami.com/spa .





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