A piece of Italy in Copenhagen: Restaurant Fabio

The minute you step inside Fabio in Copenhagen, you feel like entering the set of an Italian movie. From the interior decorations to the menu; it’s an Italian love story and an ode to classic Italian cuisine. Buon Appetito!


An Italian dream

It all started as a dream, but the Italian-Danish couple of chef Fabio Avenoso and his wife Christine Aagaard made it reality. Fabio originates from Rome, where he took his education as sommelier and chef, and today he runs two restaurants in Copenhagen. This one, simply called Fabio’s, pays tribute to the original Italian cucina, where simple recipes and fresh ingredients plays a vital role. The first thing you notice when stepping inside the restaurant is the size (it’s rather small and divided into two floors), and quickly after follows the authentic interior decoration, which to a great extend is characterized by ‘the hall of fame’. The walls are covered with pictures of Fabio and a number of celebrities including Tom Jones, Heidi Klum and Gordon Ramsey. A quirky feature, which only makes the whole experience even more intimate and charming.


We enjoyed our dinner in the actual restaurant, but guests wanting a more ‘exclusive’ dinner experience can order a table in the wine cellar. Last-mentioned offers a small yet very intimate dining space with candles, opera music and chilled Prosecco Spumante. This scenery might be the closest thing you’ll ever come to ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

A romantic dinner for two…

An Italian Feinschmecker

Enough said about the scenery, let’s have a look at why we’re here in the first place; the food. As mentioned, Fabio praises his Italian roots by creating simple yet refined dishes such as homemade spaghetti with meat balls and pasta parpadelle, but more extravagant dishes such as oven-baked suckling pig and gourmet pizzas can also be found on the menu. We went for the full works - the Feinschmecker menu. We had four hearty courses (plus appetizers!) followed by coffee and very full stomachs! The highlight of the menu was undoubtedly the ‘Antipasto’, which was almost too generous a size. Nevertheless, every course was made with love and a clear understanding of Italian cuisine. If only more Italian restaurants outside of Italy could catch this vibe. Make sure to pay Fabio’s a visit next time you’re in Copenhagen. It’s a must-visit venue for fans of Italian food and lifestyle - and the food here is honest with no frills. Divertiti!

For more information go to www.restaurantfabio.dk.