the copenhagen traveler

Welcome to The Copenhagen Traveler!

I’m Regitse –  a writer, Author, marketing consultant and hospitality professional dividing my time between Berlin and Copenhagen – two cities I equally call home.

Since 2014, this blog has been my virtual home – a place where I can write about my favorite hotels, publish my curated travel guides and express my love for culture and style. But since then, it has also become a ressource for hoteliers and hospitality professionals who are looking for advice, tips and inspiration on anything from marketing to storytelling.

I have lived as an expat abroad many times during my 20’s, and some of the things I love most is good coffee, books, early summer mornings and the ocean. My biggest passion is storytelling and hotels, and so I’ve created a career around it with my company, Room22.agency.

In 2018, I published my first book, FREELANCER, which is about creating a mindful and happy freelance life as a woman. I have an e-book about hotel marketing coming out soon – and if I could, I would write all day everyday. Time is a luxury these days, though, as I’m also the mother of a 2,5 year old boy. On my Instagram account, I’m sharing bits and pieces from my private and professional life.

Thank you for checking in here and being a part of my journey! I hope you’ll feel right at home.