Checking in: Radisson Sonya St. Petersburg

Thinking about exploring St. Petersburg, also known as ‘the cultural center of Russia’? Then Radisson Sonya is the perfect base, as it’s located just a stone’s throw from the main sights. Cosy surroundings and a relaxing atmosphere describes this hotel, which fits well into regular Radisson standards. 


If you have never been to St. Petersburg before, it can be quite a task to find your way around. With stunning monuments, squares and buildings as far as the eye reaches, the Russian city of approximately 5,5 million inhabitants demands a good local guide, a map or a GPS to begin with. Leave the rest to your hotel, e.g. Radisson Sonya, which is superbly located close to many attractions. It’s hard to talk about an actual city center in St. Petersburg, as the city is so big and divided by the river Neva. However, attractions such as the Marinsky Theater, the State Russian Museum and, of course, the Winter Palace, are must-see’s for any traveler!

With 173 rooms, Radisson Sonya can’t be classified as a boutique hotel, but it looks and feels like one. The minute you enter the lobby, warm colors and cosy furniture embraces you - it’s a striking contrast to the often harsh weather conditions outside. The interior of the hotel is inspired by Dostoyevski’s famous novel, Crime and Punishment, so expect colorful artwork and literary motifs from the lobby to the hotel rooms. Rooms are divided into three categories: Standard, Business Class and Suites. If you’re fond of big, spacious rooms, go for a suite, cause even though Standard and Business Class rooms are cosy, they’re not so spacious.

A Business Class room

As in most other Radisson hotels, the breakfast buffet is one of the highlights of the stay. That was also the case at Radisson Sonya, who managed to serve a mix of European and Russian specialities to cater for all guests. Head to the hotel’s own restaurant, Metamorfos, for some genuine Russian food with a European twist. Even the menu here is inspired by the novel ‘Crime and Punishment’, so expect a rich and colorful taste palette.

What we generally like about Radisson Sonya is their commitment to sustainability. The hotel is engaged with local charity groups and they have obtained the Green Key - an eco label awarded to environmentally friendly hotels all over the world. Radisson Sonya is one out of eight hotels in Russia, who has obtained the label.


Tip: you get 10% if you book your stay at least 7 days in advance. For more information, go to www.radissonblu.com.


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