Chic travel in Tuscany: why you must go

There are plenty of good reasons to why you should visit Tuscany. While nature lovers will definitely find what they’re looking for in this stunning region of Italy, luxury traveler’s will find a true haven of chic hotels and a wonderful food culture. Here’s why you simply have to go. 


The high quality food

Great Italian food is almost always worth traveling for, but a gourmet treat in Tuscany will make even the most hardcore foodie surrender. While the Chianti region offers some of the best Italian wine, the Florentine kitchen is bursting with delicacies, which simply cannot be missed. The cuisine here consists of simple dishes made from local, fresh ingredients. No hanky-panky or complicated creations - it’s just not needed here. Start a meal with a traditional antipasti or crostini di fegato (toasted bread with chicken liver paté) and move on to a ribollita - a traditional soup made of vegetables and bread. Tuscans also enjoy their pasta dishes, truffles (both black and white) and Bistecca Fiorentina; a large t-bone steak. Most meals are finished with some kind of dessert, for example the famous cookie biscotti. 

The charming countryside

The countryside in Tuscany is probably what travelers love the most. It’s very authentic and the colors during Spring and late Summer/Autumn are beyond amazing. You can rent a house with stunning views of the hills and fields, most often with a wine or olive producer next door. The many cypresses and traditional vineyards will also charm travelers seeking beauty and peace of mind. The best time to visit Tuscany is Spring and late Summer, where visitors can experience the harvest of the grapes and enjoy the mild climate.

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The ancient towns and villages

Tuscany is home to many charming old villages that fits the requirements of a romantic holiday. Monteriggioni is one of them. This 13th century village is definitely worth a visit due to its authenticity and charming squares with a view to the old city walls. Another city worth exploring is Siena in which the city center is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Last, but not least, one should always visit the city of Florence, which offers an interesting palette of restaurants, cultural sights and shopping.




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