Contessa Berlin: elegant pearl jewelry with a twist

In this post, I’m happy to introduce you to a German-Danish jewelry brand by the name of Contessa Berlin. Using natural materials such as pink fireball pearls and baroque pearls, the brand merges simple Scandinavian design with a touch of Berlin’s edginess. My friend Kirstine, who is the founder and designer of the brand, shares a bit about her jewelry label below - and lets us know why freshwater pearls are just incredible to work with. 

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Why did you launch Contessa Berlin?

“I have always been very creative and grew up surrounded by art. My grandfather was a known illustrator (Henning Anthon) and my grandmother (Bente Hagedorn) a sculptor. I guess this was the start of my creative adventure, starting as a kid with drawing and painting. Later on my passion for jewelry and design took over, and I took goldsmith lessons to learn about the craft. Now I have my own little studio and I craft all my jewelry by hand. A dream coming true.”


Why did you decide to use pearls in your creations?

“I love pearls. They fascinate me and I am drawn to their beauty. They are delicate and raw at the same time. Shaped by nature - imperfectly perfect. Not a single pearl looks the same, which makes them very unique.”


Tell us a bit about the pearls you use - where are they harvested?

“I carefully source my pearls from pearl harvest farms in China, which I work closely with. Although the Chinese knew how to grow the earliest bubble pearls already in the 13th century, they only started producing high-quality harvests in the mid-1990s. The main difference that distinguishes the freshwater variety from the other types of saltwater lies in its core content.  It usually takes 3 to 5 years for the shell to get pearls, although the growth of some shells can take up to 7 years.”


Is in an ancient tradition to use freshwater pearls in jewelry?

“Actually, pearls have been used in jewelry for as long as 5.000 years!”


The jewelry shown in this post:
*Shelter Cove Earrings with Keshi pearls and Tourmaline (€69)
*Lipari necklace with Zirkonia and Baroque Pearl (€99)
*Silver Strand Bracelet with Sweetwater Pearls (€45)

“Magnolia BLVD.” is the name of the SS20 collection from Contessa Berlin. It includes a wide range of different earrings, two bracelets and a necklace - all inspired by the Californian beaches and laidback lifestyle. Go have a look here and view the rest of the collections here. The designs are truly inspired by nature, femininity and timeless elegance.

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Contessa Berlin: elegant pearl jewelry with a twist

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