Fine dining at ‘Le Flacon’ in Geneva

The restaurant ‘Le Flacon’  in Geneva is actively participating in creating a gastronomical reputation for the city. The Michelin awarded kitchen presents a variety of fresh, local delicacies and pampers your taste buds from the moment you step inside. Here is what you should not miss out on if you happen to be in the area.

Laidback gourmet in charming settings

Located in a charming street in the Greenwhich-like area of Carouge in Geneva, Le Flacon shows a more casual side of fine dining. A modern and playful interior fits perfectly with the rough stone walls and high ceiling, which gives the impression that the restaurant is actually a lot bigger than it is.
The moment you step inside Le Flacon, you notice the open kitchen, from where chef Yoann Caloé and his team create magic throughout the night. The fact that guests can look straight into the kitchen and almost watch their dinner being prepared, adds a quite intimate and unique dimension to the experience.

Since 2012, Le Flacon has offered its guest a playful and modern kitchen influenced by fresh and preferably local ingredients. Guests can choose a menu vert (green menu) or menu rouge (red menu) depending on whether they prefer meat or vegetarian/light dishes. Even though I am a profound meat lover, we went for the green choice, which would appear to be highly satisfactory. Afterwards, a sommelier helped us choose the perfect wine from a quite extensive wine card. Wine lovers can expect some great classics on the card too!

Solid but no surprises

Our ‘green’ menu consisted of codfish with clams, amongst other things, and we finished with a colorful strawberry/meringue dessert topped with watercress. All in all a solid meal with no major surprises. Deliciously prepared, but no gastronomical revelation.


A dinner at Le Flacon is mandatory if you are a fan of grounded gourmet food served in a laid-back and cosy environment. And if you are in the area of Carouge anyway, do yourself a favor and explore its vivid nightlife and nostalgic charm.

For more information about Le Flacon go to www.leflacon.ch. 



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