A gourmet getaway to ‘Restaurant by Kroun’

It’s been almost two years since my last visit at the elegant Kurhotel Skodsborg just north of Copenhagen. Hence, I was quite excited to visit this award-winning spa hotel again - not least to try out their newest addition; ‘The Restaurant by Kroun’. Are you a fan of gourmet food? Continue reading! 


Close to nature 

Kurhotel Skodsborg recently won the prestigious ‘World Luxury Spa Award’, and while spa and wellness is something I love to write about, this article is about something completely different: their gourmet initiative ‘The Restaurant By Kroun’, which opened earlier this year. In connection to my birthday in April, I had the pleasure of dining here accompanied by 8 courses and a direct view to the sea. What more could you possibly ask for?

Ocean views from Kurhotel Skodsborg

I’m admittedly a bit sceptical when it comes to new restaurants and dining concepts, cause while many of them are usually stretching from fairly good to excellent, a great portion tends to rest on a rather thin foundation. Nevertheless, all prejudices were brought to shame when the first starter was served. ‘The Restaurant By Kroun’ celebrates its location close to nature by implementing elements and quality ingredients in every course, and not for a single second did we forget our unique location just a few hundred meters from the sea.

Welcome to ‘The Restaurant by Kroun’

Honest and elegant 

One will undoubtedly experience fine dining (and appertaining surroundings) at ‘By Kroun’, but the genuine food experience is still kept fairly laid-back, which really suits the place! It even affects the service, which was extremely professional from the very beginning to the very end, but there was always a sense of relaxation, which goes perfectly well with the common thread of the hotel. This was certainly also supported by the musical choices ranging from old-school classics to modern one hit wonders - like it or not.

The French-inspired menu offered anything from Ratatouille and scallops to sweetbread and Comté cheese (with a few surprises in between) - and everything was elegantly paired with a wine menu carefully selected to the occasion. If you’re not a fan of wine menus, I highly recommend the juice menu whose acidity goes hand in hand with some of the heavier courses like sweet bread and beef tenderloin.

‘The Restaurant by Kroun’ is a must-try if you’re fond of genuine (gourmet) food and honest ingredients. Ideally, you should spend the night at the hotel after indulging in either 5 or 8 courses, or at least relax in the beautiful surroundings after your meal.

For more information go to www.skodsborg.dk



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