Hostellerie La Briqueterie: French luxury in the Champagne region

Last month we went to Northern France, more particular the Champagne region in which one can find the famous cities of Reims and Eperany. I had the pleasure of visiting the luxurious Hostellerie La Briqueterie - a Relais & Chateaux property and an absolute must to visit if you appreciate good wine and champagne. The hotel is located right in the heart of the well known Champagne district, surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. 

It is no secret that I am very excited about traveling in France. Even though the famous snobbism still exists here (“if you do not speak French we can not help you!“), there is just something special about the gastronomy and culture that makes me want to go back again and again. It is authentic and very different from the North to the South. I am especially fond of the Southern part, but the Champagne region is still one of my favorites!

Hostellerie La Briqueterie is especially well known for its high level of service, even higher gastronomical standards and maybe also its spectacular garden containing everything from roses and tulips to olive- and lime trees.

This five star hotel has existed since 1973, and in 2004 the property went through a thorough renovation when the new owner, Alix Phillipon took over. Since the spa and the high gastronomical restaurant has been added.
We had dinner in the neighboring city of Epernay, so unfortunately there was no time to try the creations of the Michelin chef at Hostellerie La Briqueterie. However, the hotel lobby (and bar) will easily make it to my top 5 - on a global scale! I do not think I have ever set foot in such as charming and cosy lobby before - thanks to a crackling fireplace, great taste and soft couches and lounge furnitures. The staff was very friendly as well.

The hotel offers 40 newly renovated rooms where of 12 goes under the category of ‘Deluxe’. We stayed in such a room, which also happened to have a private terrace and fresh flowers upon arrival. Unfortunately the weather was not showing off from its best side, as it was constantly raining, so we choose to kill some time at the spa. A great decision. Last-mentioned offers everything a spa lover can ask for - from Jacuzzi and Hammam to Sauna, swimming pool and a wide range of professional treatments. I chose an aromatic wellness massage that prepared me for a night full of champagne and delicious food!


Our “Deluxe” room

The pool area

The cosy lobby

In my opinion, the breakfast often defines the standard of a hotel. Hostellerie La Briqueterie does not disappoint here either. Guests will find a lavish selection of French specialities such as cheese, charcuterie, delicious pastries, croissants, fresh fruit and homemade jams. Even the orange juice was freshly squeezed, and the fruit salad arranged in delicate bowls.
One could choose to suit outside on the charming balcony with a view to the vineyards, but as it was a bit chilly we chose to sit inside - next to the buffet! The service was on a high level and the breakfast menu even included a weather forecast.

After 24 hours of relaxation at Hostellerie La Briqueterie it was time to pack our bags and head north, but I will definitely return to this French gem again soon!

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Visiting the head quarter of Moët & Chandons in Epernay