How to travel more responsible: what can you do?

Chances are you travel. Maybe even a lot. If so, you have a responsibility of considering the effects it has on our climate. Cause although aviation is still a rather small industry, it definitely has a large impact on global warming. But what if you can’t really go without flying? How can you be more responsible when traveling, even in your own country? You’ll find the answers below. 

You probably know that flying causes a lot of CO2 emission, but did you know that it statistically accounts for 4-9% of the total climate change impact of human activity? It does. Still, an increasing number of people choose to travel by airplane - both because it’s often ridiculously cheap (think Ryan Air and Easy Jet offers!), but also because it’s less time consuming. Or is it? Next time you’re planning a holiday, consider if it’s possible reaching the destination by train, bus, car or boat. All three things are less polluting, however, chances are that you might actually need to fly once in a while - especially if it’s part of your job. Air transportation is still not regulated under any kind of law, so the individual needs to regulate on his own.

What can you do?

There are a bunch of things to consider if you still need to fly. For example:

  • Minimize the number of flights you take by combining your trips. Gather as many meetings and appointments in your destination as possible to avoid going there several time within a month.
  • Take-off’s and landings use the most fuel, so fly the most direct route possible.
  • Studies show that night flights have a greater impact on the climate, so whenever possible - fly during daytime!
  • First class is awesome, but economy should be preferred! The more passengers on the plane, the less emission per person.
  • Don’t overpack! Packing lights means that less fuel is burned.
  • When going on holiday, travel with a green tour operator. An increasing number of travel agencies choose to focus on sustainable travel.

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This article was inspired by the David Suzuki Foundation

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