Imodium: take care of your stomach when traveling

It can happen to anyone when traveling.  A bad stomach can basically ruin your entire holiday, but you can prevent or treat it with Imodium! 


What is Imodium? 

Imodium is a drug that slows the rhythm of the digestion giving the small intestines more time to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. This comes in handy for example when traveling, as you tend to eat differently and sometimes more when you’re away.

There are different variants of Imodium tablets - see which one fits you the best by clicking here. 


3 tips for a healthy digestion

  1. Eat dietary fibre - both vegetables, bran and brown rice (with moderation of course), as this help your digestions a lot
  2. Write a ‘food diary’ every day to keep track on your eating habits and how they may affect your stomach and well-being 
  3. Eat slowly! It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to signalize to the brain that it’s full. If you eat slower, you’ll end up eating less as well. 



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