4 reasons you need to visit Denmark

Being the southernmost and smallest of the Nordic countries, Denmark is inhabited by a little more than 5,6 billion people and showered with vigorous nature and more than 400 islands. Here’s an ode to my own home country - and why you must add it to your bucket list.

A foodie’s paradise 

There’s no way around it; Denmark is a top destination amongst foodies from all over the world. Genuine food experiences are very accessible and the level of quality is high. Of course one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma, is located here, but there are so many other gourmet restaurants you need to try out as well. A couple of my own personal favorites count Geranium (2 stars), Kokkeriet (1 star) and Søllerød Kro (1 star). Indulge in the New Nordic cuisine or choose something from a different corner of the globe - for example by visiting the ever so popular Copenhagen Street Food jammed with food trucks and stalls selling everything from Mexican fajitas to Danish sausages. You’ll also find a large selection of independent beer breweries.

A Danish lunch at ‘Fru Nimb’ in Tivoli

Rough and beautiful nature

Visiting Scandinavia might not be your first choice when planning a beach holiday. Let’s change that, shall we? Denmark offers more than 8.000 km of beaches - most of them long, wide and sandy - and  about 406 islands waiting to be discovered. Nature can be rough, but that’s all part of the charm. If you check in to one of the popular beach hotels along the coasts, you’ll soon discover how to truly unwind and enjoy life.
Nature varies a lot from the North to the South, so rent a car and explore the country, one region at a time.

Møns Klint in Southern Denmark

Feel the presence of history 

Denmark is packed with historical sights and traditions, and you don’t have to be a history geek to enjoy them. Descending from the Vikings, Danes are well aware of their past; from impressive viking fortresses (5 have been excavated so far) to Medieval towns like Roskilde, Ribe and Odense. Furthermore, The Danish Monarchy is one of the oldest in the world, in fact it can be tracked back more than a 1.000 years. And does Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ ring a bell? Published in 1603, it remains one of the most staged acts to this day, telling the story of a Danish prince living in Kronborg Castle in Elsinore (40 minutes North of Copenhagen).

There are plenty of castles to visit in Denmark

Indulge in Danish design

Danish design has gained worldwide recognition ever since the production of the first furniture classics in the first half of the 20th century. If you’re a fan of classic furniture, names such as Børge Mogensen, Hans Wegener and Arne Jacobsen will probably sound familiar, but there are also plenty of modern day architects and designers to indulge in. From lamps and furniture to paintings and clothing; the style is usually quite minimalistic, elegant and sleek.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is full of Danish design classics

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