Nimb Terrasse in Copenhagen: Lavish cakes in historical settings

Cake is always a good idea. Like champagne. And 5 o’clock tea on a rainy afternoon. But the cake table you find at Nimb Terasse in the heart of Tivoli - the world’s oldest amusement park - is a tad more extravagant than your ordinary sweet treat. Make room for cakes in all shapes and sizes and sparkling champagne - this is a must-try concept for cake lovers in Copenhagen! 

Welcome to Nimb Terrasse!

Ready for action
Walking through the old corridors of Nimb Hotel and Tivoli is a magical experience in itself, especially if it’s not too crowded. However, the only thing you have in mind when entering the restaurant Nimb Terasse, is the popular and much talked-about cake table. Expectations are high, and they should be, cause Nimb (and five star locations) usually don’t disappoint. 

The restaurant was crowded when we entered, but we were almost immediately received by a friendly waiter who showed us to our table. Both my friend and I had skipped breakfast and lunch as we were absolutely positive we would raid the cake table upon arrival! Being somewhat cake addicts we’ve managed our share of sweet treats before, but apparently we found our match this afternoon!

Chocolate scones

The glorious cake table was presented and we made our first round of warm chocolate scones, raspberry cheesecake and moelleux chocolat accompanied with fresh berries and homemade strawberry coulis. In fact, everything on the table was homemade from the bottom, which only made the experience even better. The ingredients were fresh and the different cakes were delicately presented.

Assorted delicacies

Taste and appearance
Included in the price is either coffee, tea or hot chocolate (with or without whipped cream). We went for the chocolate, but it wasn’t a smart choice seen from a gastronomical point of view. Not only was it very heavy - we’re talking pure, raw chocolate - it didn’t compliment the otherwise delicate pastries. So much the better that we also ordered a glass of chilly champagne, which made a perfect companion with the sumptuous cakes.  

Brownies and….another delicate treat!

On the 2nd round we went for the plum cake and frangipane tarte - which also happened to be my favorite! The frangipane went fast, so apparently I wasn’t the only one craving it. The confectioner, whom I also had the pleasure of meeting, was filling up the table on a regular basis and making sure that everything looked as supposed to. It was clear that he took pride in his job and that both taste and appearance was of great importance to him.

I’d definitely recommend all cake lovers, whether they’re living in Copenhagen or just visiting for a couple of days, to visit Nimb Terrasse and their lavish cake table. The cake selection is beautiful and relatively broad, even though a couple of pastry classics were missing (lemon cake, swiss roll, tea buns etc.).

A happy confectioner!

Surprise your loved one with a sweet treat - or celebrate something special with a glass of champagne and a lavish cake table in unique and historical surroundings. Tables should be booked well ahead. For bookings click HERE.

Every weekend (Sat & Sun) at either 13:30, 13:45 or 14:00. 

Nimb Terasse, Tivoli, Bernstorffsgade 5, Copenhagen.

For more information on Nimb click HERE.

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