On board Finnair’s new Airbus A350

Nordic hospitality and design is the essence of Finnair’s new Airbus A350. Now you can fly directly from Scandinavia to Asia in more comfort than ever.


“With the new Finnair A350, we strive to offer the best of Nordic hospitality”. The words belong to Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Juha Järvinen, who is obviously proud of the newest addition to the Finnair family. We understand why. The Airbus A350 delivers a high level of comfort in both Economy and Business Class making a long-haul flight to Asia a pleasurable experience. Here is what you can expect as a passenger.

Nordic design

The Award-winning cabin with white, blue and silver colors is created by the Finnish design company dSign Vertti Kivi & Co. The changing LED light is a fun feature, which creates an evocative ambience. It is adapted to fit the season, time of day or destination, and with 24 different ambiences available (for example Northern Lights), it offers a quite different flight experience. Guests can check in to either Economy Class, Economy Comfort or Business Class. Last-mentioned has 46 seats, which can easily be transformed into flat beds, but that is not all. Business Class also offers a private television, lots of leg space and free WiFi.

Economy Class





Haute cuisine and champagne

For many frequent travelers, a proper meal onboard a long-haul flight is as important as spacious seats. Onboard Business Class on the new Airbus A350, there is no need to worry about this, since Executive Chef de Cuisine, Kari Aihinen, from Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki, creates a true Nordic gourmet adventure. Expect delicacies such as roe mousse, warm smoked trout and roast of reindeer (a proud Finnish tradition!) Economy Class can expect new, improved menus and an aperitif with snacks served with the main course. Oh, and all textiles and tableware onboard the A350 is made exclusively for Finnair by Marimekko. But of course, you can always opt for a signature cocktail straight away. A ‘Blue Sky’ is a mix of champagne and Finnish blueberry liquor that will undoubtedly kickstart your trip.

Business Class

Did we forget to mention that the women’s lavatories offer complimentary cosmetics? A nice feature that will add an extra dash of glamour to any long-haul flight.

The first Airbus A350 XWB travels from Helsinki to Shanghai on November 21st. Other future destinations count Beijing and Bangkok, while Hong Kong and Singapore might be added to the list later on.

3 quick questions for Juha Järvinen (Chief Commercial Officer at Finnair)

TCT: How can you experience a new sense of flying with the Airbus 350?
JJ: First and foremost, it’s a unique Nordic experience, which is something guests will feel already when boarding the plane. It’s very spacious and there are up to 24 different light scenarios, fx sunrise, Northern Lights etc. Also, the food is exquisite offering gourmet delicacies like reindeer.

TCT: How much capacity does the plane have?
JJ: It can seat 297 people in total. 208 in Economy Class, 46 in Business Class and 43 in Economy Flex.

TCT: Do you believe the Airbus A350 represents ‘the future’ of flying?
JJ: It’s definitely the beginning of the future!

In the cockpit


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