SK Mat & Människor: A personal gourmet experience in Gothenburg

Without a single moment’s hesitation I would name Gothenburg the food capital of Sweden. With quality restaurants lurking in each corner, there should be enough to do around here - at least if you’re a true foodie! We went to the cosy restaurant SK Mat & Mäniskor to learn a thing or two about Gothenburg and it’s food scene. Here’s what we experienced. 


Authentic and welcoming

SK Mat & Mäniskor is located in a quite street in the southern part of Gothenburg It takes a good walk, but once you finally step inside, you’ll be surprised! A cosy and charming restaurant unfolds with guests buzzing in every corner. It’s a busy time here, even on a regular Tuesday! SK is owned by Götaplats Gruppen, who owns four popular restaurants in Gothenburg: Toso, Mr. P, Bar Himmel - and SK. While these restaurants are quite different from each other, they share two things; an authentic and welcoming atmosphere and chefs using only the best and freshest ingredients!

Chefs preparing the dinner in the open kitchen

Shortly after our arrival we met up with chef Stefan Karlsson, who told us a thing or two about the menu. He also seemed very passionate about the concept of ‘cooking classes’, which also takes place inside the restaurant. The cooking classes allows pre-booked groups of maximum 12 people to cook their own dinner accompanied by professional chefs. Afterwards, they can enjoy their own food at the chef’s table and also obtain a diploma proofing their cooking skills. In my opinion, this is both a fun and creative way of running a restaurant. We didn’t get to cook our own food on this particular night, but we still had the pleasure of enjoying the Spring menu, which consisted of 11 courses. Yes, it may sound like a lot, but each course was perfectly sized and just enough to give us an insight to the Swedish kitchen.

The impressive Spring menu


Swedish food heritage

SK Mat & Mäniskor is an ode to the Swedish food heritage, and with fresh, local ingredients and a technical level above average, you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes the best things are the most simple ones, for example the white asparagus with beurre blanc and the variation of lamb with fresh cabbage. The whole dining experience here is enhanced by the fact that there are no walls between the guests and the kitchen. This means that anyone can look at the chef’s working their magic - and even better; ask them questions about the food and it’s preparation. The 42 seats of the restaurant makes sure that every guest has an intimate food experience with no frills or snobbery. This is honest food in cosy surroundings, a concept that - in our opinion - makes this restaurant one of the best in Gothenburg.

Thirsty guests can pop by the wine bar, which is located next to the dining room. Go for a signature cocktail based on local, Swedish ingredients either before or after dinner.

For more information go to www.skmat.se.