Traveling through Bavaria Part II: Bamberg

The historical UNESCO town of Bamberg in Southern Germany is a must-visit, not only due to its cultural and historical sights, but simply because it is stunning! Here is what you need to see and do.



Have a beer at a local brewery

Like in most other German towns, it is easy to get your hands on a nice draught beer. However, Bamberg is famous for its high quality beer and historical breweries in which you can taste a ‘Rauchbier’ (smoked beer). The taste on this one might be a bit odd compared to what you are used to, but it is definitely worth a try. When going to Bamberg, it is absolutely necessary to visit at least one of the following breweries; Fässla, Greifenklau, Maisel, Zum Sternla and Schlenkerla. These places are still full of locals enjoying life and of course curious tourists, who want to explore the local culture and traditions. Bamberg’s oldest inn, ‘Zum Sternla’, dates back to 1380 and guests will still find a large selection of local delicacies and beer on the menu. Prices are also very reasonable. Sit back, observe how the locals do it and be a part of it all for just a short while.

Lunch at a traditional ‘stüberl’

No visit to a German city without a proper feast to set the tone! Bamberg is full of cosy inn’s and charming restaurants, but two of my favorites include ‘Greifenklau’ and ‘Schlenkerla’. The first-mentioned is almost legendary, serving both tourist and locals in need of a quality meal and a cold beer. It is located beneath the old cathedral and the restaurant is nearly just as old. The original smoked beer is still being tapped directly from the wooden barrel and the menu consists of traditional courses such as Franconian beernuckles, pork with sauerkraut and white pudding with sweet brezels and mustard. A heavy round for the faint-hearted, but a treat for anyone with a good appetite! ‘Greifenklau’, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th Century, is located in the hills, just  10 minutes by foot from the city center. The beer garden is open on sunny days, and it can seat up to 500 people. We had a nice local lunch here.


Visit the Neue Residenz & Rose Garden

The New Residence of Bamberg is an impressive sight! Built for the Prince-Bishops in 1613, this Rennaisance castle houses more than 40 state rooms full of furniture and tapestry from the 17th and 18th centuries. Guided tours are available in German and English.
From the Rose Garden in the inner court yard, there is a splendid view over the entire city of Bamberg. The garden is the perfect place to relax with a book or a cup of coffee, especially in summer when more than 4.500 roses are in bloom. Also a great Sunday activity!


Take a stroll through “Little Venice”

Even Bamberg has a connection to Venice. The city’s ‘Klein Venedig’ consists of historical half-timbered cottages once inhabited by local fishermen and their families. The houses are built on poles set right into the water while small gardens and terraces surround them, and you kind of feel that you are in a fairytale. A stroll through the cobbled streets of ‘Little Venice’ is a must, but the houses are just as pretty from a distance, for example from the bridge ‘Untere Brücke’. The place reminds you of Bamberg’s fascinating history. It is extra pretty during summer and autumn.


The Copenhagen Traveler was invited to Bamberg by Stadt Bamberg and Deutsche Bahn. The trip was organized by the National German Tourist Office in Denmark. 



Header photo credit: www.germany.travel.