Vibeke Scott: Luxurious Scandinavian Loungewear

Home luxury is a term I’ve come to appreciate a lot in my adult years. Cause why should luxury and self-indulgence only take place in holidays and hotels? Bring it home and start appreciating the little things in everyday life. That’s what I did - especially recently, as I’ve connected with the Danish home luxury brand Vibeke Scott. I tried their silk velvet robe and went to home spa heaven. Curious to know more? Keep reading. 

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The oldest memory I have of ‘home luxury’ is my mother wrapping herself in a soft robe and painting her nails red. I must’ve been around 5 years old, and I was (already back then) deeply fascinated by the concept of ‘self-pampering’. You know, taking long baths, painting your nails, treating yourself to a pedicure, reading your favorite magazine in front of the fireplace and sipping on the best cup of coffee of the day. All at home in the comfort of your own private surroundings. It just seemed so effort-less yet so necessary to keep up a positive spirit in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Fast forward 25 years, and I’m still a big fan of self-pampering whenever time allows it (hello, motherhood!) That’s why I was thrilled when I recently came across the Danish luxury brand Vibeke Scott who specialize in producing bathrobes of the highest quality and with a long lifespan. It’s both ethical and luxurious - a match made in heaven! I received one of their dark silk velvet robes, soft as a baby’s skin and delicate as your favorite sweets. At the moment, I live in it after work and in the early mornings. A soft robe simply add something extra to your home life; a dash of glitter on a rainy day. I assume that’s something we could all use from time to time.

So who is Vibeke Scott? A Danish brand with an affinity for timeless Scandinavian design and elegance. Behind the stirring wheel are two sisters, Chantall and Nicole, who also happen to be the 4th generation of Denmark’s oldest flag manufacturer, Langkilde & Søn. Deeply rooted in high quality fabrics and timelessness, the two sisters decided to carry on their legacy in a fashion brand that would celebrate everyday luxury and femininity. And so Vibeke Scott was born. The name of the sisters grandmother, who was a photographer and a globetrotter many moons ago.

There are more than robes included in their collections (e.g. interior and kimonos), but the robe is their signature product. Made from lavish materials such as Japanese cotton, silk velvet, wool and jersey, it’s designed to drape the body and create a beautiful silhouet.

I’m using my Black Anita robe at home, but also at work. It’s easy to style with a pair of jeans and boots for a casual yet elegant everyday look. And I love that the color shimmers between deep black and bottle green.

For more information about Vibeke Scott, click here.


(This post was made in collaboration with Vibeke Scott and contains sponsored links). 

Vibeke Scott: Luxurious Scandinavian Loungewear

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