From Michigan to Morocco: Top 10 best value destinations for 2017

If you haven’t already started planning your travels for 2017, it’s about time! The world is waiting - and so are these 10 best-value-destinations selected by Lonely Planet. From Morocco to Michigan - get ready for take-off! 


Right now is the perfect time to go to Russia. The rouble has a great exchange rate compared to other major currencies and it’s affordable to travel internally. In 2018, Russia will receive an increased number of visitors due to the FIFA World Cup, so go now!


Earthquakes and a fuel strike has made travelers avoid Nepal in recent years, however, tourism here is slowly recovering. Apart from the destinations being budget-friendly, the splendid nature and world-famous trekking routes can take the breath away from any traveler!

Michigan, USA

You might wonder where you can find Michigan’s upper peninsula, but it’s so worth the investigation - and the trip! This beautiful area in the Midwest of USA is still relatively unexplored, and the ambience is casual and laid-back. Tourists will find reasonable prices, picturesque beaches and some of the country’s oldest forests.


Right now, the Namibian dollar is in favorable exchange, and this gives you an opportunity to explore one of the most stunning regions of Africa. If you avoid school holidays (December and January), you can find really good offers on both flights and hotels. Did we mention the splendid nature and starry nights that will stick to your memory long after you’ve gone home..?

Bellarine Peninsula, Australia

Probably unknown to most people, the Bellarine Peninsula has been a favorite amongst holiday-seeking Australians for decades. Reasons to go now: beautiful beaches, historic towns and plenty of opportunities for doing outdoor sports (hiking, cycling, snorkeling and surfing). The peninsula is located in Victoria and is not too far from Melbourne.

Photo credit: Lonely Planet

Porto, Portugal

The second largest city in Portugal keeps intriguing travelers from all over the globe. Affordable hotels and restaurants, vineyards and wine caves and a romantic setting, makes Porto the perfect place to explore with your loved one (or anyone who appreciates good food and wine!)


If you like the exotic, you’ll love Morocco for its oriental charm and authenticity. Only a few hours by plane from Western Europe (there are direct flights from Copenhagen, London, Paris etc.), it has never been easier to access Morocco! Once you step out of the plane, you’re in a completely different world. Tourism is definitely on the rise here and hotels are popping up everywhere. Go now before it gets too crowded.

Venice, Italy

One wouldn’t think that value for money can be linked to the city of Venice, which is often regarded as an expensive destination. However, with the increase of locals renting out rooms and flats, it’s actually possible to visit ‘the world’s most romantic city’ without breaking the bank.


Regarded as one of Central America’s most beautiful holiday destinations, Belize offers amazing weather, exciting diving and a thriving food scene. This Caribbean gem houses a wide variety of both budget and luxury accommodation, but head to the Southern part of the country to find that laid-back beach culture. Belize offers a good-value street food scene, which definitely won’t break the bank.

Debrecen, Hungary

Hungary’s second-largest city, Debrecen, is also the most affordable destination in the country (or at least one of them!) If you want to visit the ‘traditional’ Hungary while engaging in history and culture, this is the place to go. Several European budget-airlines are flying to Debrecen, especially during summer, when festivals are taking over the city.

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