L’hotel Porto Bay: A luxury boutique hotel in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world. This might not make it the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, but the city has so much else to offer! The elegant L’hotel Porto Bay for example. Once you check in here, you’ll forget the world outside. 

Hectic, huge and busy. This is Sao Paulo in a nutshell. With around 20 million people living in the greater city area, it comes as no surprise that inhabitants here must be a bit more thick-skinned than anywhere else. Sao Paulo is the third largest metropolis on earth, and with that comes a responsibility. Even though Pauliastas (inhabitants of Sao Paulo) nags about the traffic, the pollution and the cramped subway, they still love their city. Travelers coming here, must look behind the facade and plan their stay well. If they do, Sao Paulo reveals a whole different side of itself.

A home away from home

Our stay began with a check-in at the elegant L’hotel Porto Bay just a stone’s throw away from the city’s main street (or one of them at least!), Paulista Avenue. Last-mentioned accommodates some of the most important financial and cultural institutions in Brazil, which makes it the perfect spot to be located during your time in Sao Paulo. The hotel is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel recently ranked as one Brazil’s top 25 luxury hotels by Tripadvisor. 83 rooms, a restaurant, a spa with an indoor heated pool and gym and lastly, a bar offering a decent choice of cocktails. And when you step inside, you immediately sense a European style of interior - something, which is expressed through European art pieces and antiquities. Last-mentioned adds a cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere to the entire hotel, which is small enough to make you feel you’re in someone’s private home.

l'hotel porto bay

A home away from home in Sao Paulo

Japanese breakfast, anyone?

The hotel’s restaurant, Trebbiano, is the place to be if you want to kickstart your day with a hearty breakfast. Brazilians aren’t usually that into breakfast, they prefer lunch and dinner, which can easily be felt in many hotels, but at L’hotel Porto Bay, it seems like the most natural thing on earth! At night, Trebbiano focus on Mediterranean cuisine, but during the morning, guests can sink their teeth into pretty much anything they desire. A buffet consisting of fresh fruit, cold cuts, pastries, bread, jam, juice and traditional English breakfast, is relived by a fixed menu offering eggs in different variants, porridge, pancakes and waffles. Waffles for breakfast every morning? A must if you’re staying here! If you’re up for trying something new, go for the Japanese breakfast including anything from Tamagoyaki to Tofu. Feel free the exclude the Sake.


Room service!

A breathing space in Sao Paulo

While Rio allures its guests with remarkable sunsets and endless beaches, Sao Paulo is for the urbanite enjoying shopping and fine dining. But after a day of exploring parts of the busy city (it takes more than a weekend if you’re up for the full sightseeing of Sao Paulo!), a couple of hours in the spa will be what you desire the most. The spa at L’hotel Porto Bay isn’t big and impressive; in fact it doesn’t even include a steam bath or a sauna, but it matches the size of the hotel making it a small, cosy breathing space. Guests will find a heated pool, a relaxation area and the possibility of booking a massage or a beauty treatment.


Executive room (25 m2)

L’hotel Porto Bay is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo. We believe an ideal combination of elegance and service sums it up quite well, but you should check it out yourself - and you don’t even have to go all the way to Sao Paulo to do so. The Porto Bay brand offers 9 hotels in Portugal, too.

l'hotel porto bay

For more information go to www.portobay.com



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