Win a trip of a lifetime to Antarctica

Even the most daring adventurers find the roughness of Antarctica intimidating, and only a very limited amount of people can say that they’ve actually been here. It’s beyond beautiful and uncharted - and now you have the chance to win the trip of a lifetime, as Oceanwide Expeditions invite you to join their remarkable contest. Are you ready?

If you’re reading this, chances are you love to travel. Just like us. But maybe it’s time to travel farther away to explore something really unique? Oceanwide Expeditions now gives you the chance to win a 30-day cruise ticket for a spectacular Antarctic journey from 15th of February to 18th of March 2017. No further introduction is needed - simply watch the video below.


How to enter the contest: create a profile and gather at least 20 votes - then you’re in the running for a trip of a lifetime! The contest closes at February 29th 2016. Click HERE to enter. 

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