5 travel videos that will fill your soul with wanderlust

To me there’s nothing more inspiring than travel videos encapsulating people, spirit and culture. My great love for (travel) video production has led me to collect my 5 favorite videos of all time. I hope they will fill your heart with wanderlust and set your soul on fire. 


1. Watchtower of Turkey 

Being one of the most beautiful travel videos ever made, ‘Watchtower of Turkey’ was produced by Leonardo Dalessandri back in 2014. Two years later, it’s still my absolute favorite, and it beautifully captures the spirit of the Turkish people. Turkey is in a difficult stage at the moment, but how can you not want to visit the country after watching this? Keep exploring and don’t let fear oppress your wanderlust!

2. Roma 

Rome is, without doubt, one my favorite cities in Europe. I hardly need to explain that after showing you this remarkable movie made by photographer Oliver Astrologo! He spent months filming in the Italian capital and the result makes you wanna jump on a plane and move to Rome for good!

3. Time is nothing

Kien Lam takes us on a time lapse journey around the world in this movie covering 17 countries. From Paris to Peru, the footage elegantly shows us that time is not important, but memories are.

4. Make it count

A bit different from the rest and not what I’d call a typical travel destination video - nevertheless, this short movie shot by producer Max Joseph and his friend Neistat, deserves a spot on the list because….it’s super inspiring! The guys were hired by Nike to create a commercial with the slogan ‘make it count’. Instead, they spent the entire budget on a 10-day trip around the world…

5. Into the heart of Sicily 

I admit I have a thing for Italy. That’s why I can’t help but include this wonderful piece of art on the list! French filmmaker Jullien Zolli captures emotions so well and ‘Into the heart of Sicily’ is a perfect example of that. A brief but strong showcase of the Sicilian people and their culture.


The extra: Eat 

First of all, I LOVE Rick Mereki! First the Australian filmmaker created ‘Move’ showing a bunch of different destinations in just 60 seconds and now this! EAT is not great art, but it’s fun, creative and super inspiring if food is a passion of yours. After all, doesn’t food and traveling go hand in hand? Make sure also to check out the short movie ‘Learn’.

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