6 good reasons why you should visit Spreewald in Germany

A lush green landscape that looks like something out of a fairytale - in the outskirts of Berlin! Perhaps you already know the beautiful region of Spreewald? If not, I’m happy to introduce it to you in this post. Whether on a weekend getaway or a longer holiday; here are 6 good reasons to go. 

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1. It’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Germany currently holds 15 biosphere reservations and Spreewald is one of them. The landscape here was officially recognized by UNESCO in 1991 because it deserves special protection due to its unique flora and fauna.

2. It’s known as ‘the Green Venice’

Spreewald is actually also known under a more exotic name; ‘The Green Venice’. This is of course due to its lush, green environment, but also because the region accommodates an extensive network of small rivers measuring approximately 970 km in length. Normal traffic here consists of gondola’s and little boats, which can also be rented for the day. All that water has a soothing effect on body and mind.


3. The scenery is like a fairytale

Have you ever read the fairytales by H.C. Andersen? In Spreewald, you’ll find many charming villages and venues, which look like they’re taken straight out of one of these stories. The atmosphere (e.g. in the town of Lübbenau) is quite traditional with old half-timbered houses, markets selling local crafts and pretty little town squares, where you can rest with a cold drinks after a day of explorations. When coming straight out of a buzzing capital like Berlin, Spreewald is definitely very refreshing.

6 good reasons why you should visit Spreewald in Germany

4. There’s lots of delicious foods to try

You can choose to embark on a culinary tour of the region or you can wander around on your own. Depending on the season, fresh and local produce is presented, e.g. strawberries, asparagus, gherkins and pumpkin. I was so lucky to “run into” the asparagus season during my visit and thus had some of the best asparagus I’ve tasted so far. But the gherkins are certainly also worth a try! In Lübbenau, there are regular gherkin tastings and you can get lots of different dishes with this healthy, green vegetable.

6 good reasons why you should visit Spreewald in Germany

5. Peace and serenity

Perhaps it’s the age or the fact that I live in a very hectic city, but the older I’ve gotten, the more important it is to me that my yearly vacations are held in a peaceful and rather calm environment. That’s exactly why I was so thrilled to discover Spreewald, cause you won’t find calmer and more relaxing settings than here. Only an hour from Berlin (by train and car), you’ll reach this beautiful area, here you can truly rest in nature.


6. It’s very child-friendly

This is obviously only a pro if you’re traveling with children, but if that’s the case; there are so many reasons to visit Spreewald on your next holiday! I was pleasantly surprised by the many child-friendly activities and it’s easy getting from A to B. Everything can be reached by foot if you visit the little towns such as Burg and Lübbenau. Berlin is also known for being child-friendly (despite its size), so think about passing by Spreewald if you’re there anyway.

6 good reasons why you should visit Spreewald in Germany

4 quick facts about Spreewald:


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