A Complete Wellness Experience at Complete Me in Copenhagen

For more than a decade Complete Me has been the go-to spot in Copenhagen for wellness lovers of all ages. The spa recently relocated to one of the most central addresses in the city, so we had to check it out. What’s it all about? Here’s the deal. 


A complete sense of wellbeing

There are plenty of spas to choose from in central Copenhagen, but not all of them has been around as long as Complete Me. Owner, Daniella Fraser, emphasizes the importance of complete well-being through both ambience and treatments. Hence the soft music playing in the background when you step inside and the fresh smoothie being prepared for you while you’re waiting for your treatment to begin. Pure bliss!

The spa recently moved from one central street to another - this time, though, it’s located on a buzzing street corner in an old, charming building. It’s easy to find and close to nearly everything. On this particular afternoon we checked in to experience a ‘Complete Spiritual’; a 1,5 hour facial conducted with precious stones. After the previously mentioned smoothie and a snack, a friendly spa therapist came to pick us up and during the next 120 minutes it felt just like the world outside had stopped for a while.


Precious stones and chakra

A ‘Complete Spiritual’ is one of the spa’s signature treatments, which combines a regular facial with luxurious pampering and overall wellbeing. The treatment is supposed to energize and balance with help from precious stones such as blue sapphire, ruby and amethyst. The products used are from Själ New York; a brand that bridges elements of ancient eastern medicines with western biotechnology.
We began with an enzyme peeling containing crushed pearls, pomegranate and herbs and moved on to a tightening mask of silk proteins, copper peptides, gold, silver and platinum, which is supposed to boost the skin. Meanwhile, the therapist had placed gemstones on various places on the body, and she finished off with a relaxing chakra massage of feet, hands and scalp. Need we say more? This treatment is perfect if you need a quick escape from reality (and who doesn’t once in while?) or simply if you’re into holistic treatments that invigorates both body and soul.

After 1,5 hour in spa heaven we were ready to move on, even though we could have stayed all day! Complete Me is a wellness haven for both men and women in the very heart of Copenhagen.

For more information go to www.completeme.dk.