Review: Elizabeth’s Tea Room in Lille, France

I love finding new places when I’m traveling. Small, cosy venues I just have to return to because of the atmosphere, food etc. Such a place is Elizabeth’s - and especially because of the amazing selection of cakes and sweet treats. Elizabeth’s is the name of a small pastry and tea-house located in the city of Lille in Northern France. Here’s the deal..

Lille is situated approximately 2,5 hours drive north of Paris and close to the Belgian border. The city is the second largest in France, which says a lot, but still it’s possible to find small, hidden gems around the city if leaving the most crowded streets. I won’t exactly say that Elizabeth’s is a hidden gem, cause many people seem to have already found it - with good reason! It’s located in a house so narrow, that it actually makes one doubt the fact that there’s room enough for 2 floors with tea-drinking visitors. But there’s room enough for everyone here. The first floor has a capacity of 10 sitting guests and the basement is beyond charming with its old-fashioned lamps and furnitures. The walls are very old and made from raw bricks, but that only enhances the experience.

The owner Elizabeth, 4 years old

We had café latte, freshly baked carrot cake and a slice of lemon cake (my favorite!), but it was actually quite hard to choose from the well-filled counter offering both scones (plain and with chocolate), brownies, buns, croissants and a whole lot of cakes and cookies. And I won’t forget their cheesecake with raspberries, which almost can’t be ignored. If you have a hunger for something else than cake it’s no hindrance since Elizabeth’s also offer a variety of healthy salads, soups and home made pies.

Do make sure to pay this charming tea house a visit if you happen to be in Lille. The city is definitely worth a visit- but Elizabeth’s is as well!

Elizabeth’s - Boutique de Lille
71, Rue Basse
59800 Lille

For more information go to: www.elizabeths.fr

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