Explore: By Ferry Boat from Lausanne to Evian

If you happen to visit the Swiss side of Lake Geneva (Geneva-Lausanne-Montreux), there’s one thing you should do; sail from Lausanne to Evian. Not only will you enjoy the breathtaking scenery and natural beauty of the lake - you will also get the chance of visiting a true (and very famous!) French town. But do make sure to check the weather before you go.

As mentioned in my previous article, Ouchy is a charming little gem nestling on the border of Lake Geneva. But if you, like me, want to explore instead of just strolling around one place, the Ferry Boats might be a splendid idea! It’s a fun and easy ride for both children and grown-up’s and it allows you to enjoy the true beauty of Lake Geneva. I jumped on one of the boats at 1am in the afternoon and 35 minutes later I arrived in Evian - a place I’ve always wanted to explore.

Evian is a picturesque town with winding streets and traditional French food markets, but its trademark is of course - Evian water! Heaps of celebrities from all corners of the globe have declared their love for this bottled mineral water throughout the past decades - and with good reason. The springs of Evian contains curative qualities and when people discovered that in the beginning of the 19th Century, there was no way back. Evian quickly became famous for its spas and wellness resorts, and today, it’s possible to visit the Evian bottling plant in the heart of the town. I didn’t, but I did manage to have lunch accompanied with a bottle of ice-cold Evian water!

The gate of the Evian head quarters in Evian!

A typical French scenery in Evian

Second class fares on the Lausanne-Evian ferries are approximately 20 CHF oneway and 33 CHF return. Tickets can be purchased from ticket windows in the harbor or on the boat. For more information go to www.lake-geneva-switzerland.com.


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