No 1 romantic spot: Santo Wines Santorini, Greece

Sometimes it’s worth traveling somewhere, even far away, to experience something truly breathtaking. In the paradisiacal island of Santorini in Greece, one can experience serenity almost everywhere, but especially one place caught my eye during my trip last month. Not only newly weds and lovers should pay attention, but anyone looking for a place to reflect upon life while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Sounds good? Come with me to Santo Wines.  

In June I journeyed to Santorini to experience what everyone else is talking about; the beautiful sunset of Oia and the breathtaking shores and beaches on the island. There’s no doubt that Santorini is a must-see destination for many people, however, the island has become increasingly popular over the past 20 years meaning that you can be put to the test if you’re here to experience a peaceful honeymoon or the like. Nevertheless, if you rent a car and do your own research  on what Santorini has to offer, it’s still possible to come across some ‘hidden gems’.

Santo Wines is not in particular a hidden gem, as lovers already flock here to get married with the view of their dreams as a background, but it kind of feels like it. I came here with no expectations and I left with a happy smile and a beautiful memory in my luggage. So what’s it all about?

Santo Wines is a local wine producer founded in 1947. The company is committed to produce authentic Santorini wine of superior quality and so Santo Wines is the biggest wine producer on the island. But not only do they produce wine, they host popular wine tastings and weddings as well. Last-mentioned is big business, since the island is already known for its ability of linking people together - and with this view, who can blame them really?

The production count both red wines, dry white wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines (Vinsanto), which you can buy from the shop located next to the bar. Otherwise you can just have a single glass and enjoy the surroundings, which include stunning views to the Volcanic islands and The Aegean Sea.

For more information go to www.santowines.gr. 

Did you know? Santorini’s tradition of producing wine goes back more than 3.500 years!