Discover Europe on a river cruise

There are so many places to discover in Europe that picking out one specific destination is a daunting task. On a cruise, no such choice is necessary! Choose an area that you’d like to know more about and cruise its rivers to get a feel for a whole area rather than sticking to one singular destination. River cruising is also a fantastic option for travellers who prefer not to fly for environmental or personal reasons. Plus, while on board you’ll be treated like royalty!

Eat famous macarons in Paris

For travellers who want to keep an eye on their environmental impact without sacrificing luxury, a river cruise along the Seine river is the perfect choice. Arrive in Paris via the Eurostar and you’ll already have drastically cut down on your contribution to CO2 emissions. During your time in Paris, explore the city to its fullest. Be sure to see the biggest tourist attractions like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and don’t forget to visit the fantastic Ladurée bakery for a taste of the best macarons that Paris has to offer.

Continue your journey along the Seine river and you’ll see the incredible landscapes of France’s countryside that have served as the inspiration for many great French artists. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Le Havre and take a trip to the André-Malraux Museum of Modern Art to see some of the artwork for yourself. The museum holds one of Claude Monet’s most renowned Impressionist works, ‘Water Lilies’.

Sail the River Rhine

Another flight-free option for green travellers is a cruise along the River Rhine. Sail from Cologne, the home of gothic architecture, to Basel and you’ll get to discover the best of Germany, France and Switzerland in one trip! Join a walking tour around Mainz, see the fantastic architecture of Strasbourg and explore the fresh food markets of Basel. Be sure to look out for swiss specialities like cheese and chocolate and try a fresh serving of melted raclette with potato if you get the chance!

Uncover Portugal’s beauty

The Douro river runs directly through Portugal which makes the area ripe for water-based exploration. For an extra touch of luxury, many cruise providers also offer a few nights in Lisbon before the cruise departs from Porto. The Douro is well known as Portugal’s premium wine region. In Régua you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Douro Museum for a special lecture about the wines that are produced in the area. Afterwards, treat yourself to a glass of two of Portugal’s premium wine at a local restaurant.

Luxury and environmentally friendly travel may not seem like they go together, but a river cruise combines the two with ease. Indulge in local food and wine while taking in the best views of the area from your ship. Don’t skimp on what matters most, make the most of your holidays and lessen the environmental impact of your travels by choosing a river cruise.

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