A five star spa experience in the Greek archipelago

You don’t need to go to another part of the world or beyond to experience Paradise. I’ve found it on the Greek island of Zakynthos, which is situated west of the mainland. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting Porto Zante Villas & Spa, but it’s definitely on my (rapidly growing) list! If you fancy azure sea water, heated pools, spa and private luxury bungalow - this might be the place for you!

It’s not cheap traveling to Zakynthos during high season and maybe you have to make one or two stop-overs, but luckily there’s solutions to that, which might cost a little extra - but did you look at that view?! It’s so worth it!
There’s plenty of privacy since all guests are installed in their own, private bungalows with a private beach (and a private spa and pool if one pays a little extra!)

Porto Zante Villas & Spa have won several prices and it has been elected as the world’s leading Villa Resort, which says quite a lot! Furthermore, the spa is inspired by the Greek culture and style, which means lots of treatments including aromatherapy - something that dates all the way back to ancient Greece - and the most stunning sea view to the Ionian Sea. The resort mainly use spa products from Italian Bvlgari.

Prices from 870 euro per night. For more info go to www.portozante.com