Lydmar Hotel: a quiet luxury in the heart of Stockholm

If you’re looking for that laid-back hotel experience in Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel would be it! This 4 star hotel gives you that ‘home away from home’ feeling, which I have only experienced in few other places abroad. So without further ado, here’s what you can expect.


Informal yet comfortable

Usually one would arrive to Stockholm by plane, but this time around I decided to go by train. A 6 hour ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm Central Station and no hassle with check-in or luggage queues. Bliss!
A short taxi ride later and I arrived in front of Lydmar Hotel, which is located right next to the National Museum and overlooking the sea. The hotel doesn’t attract much attention, in fact it’s almost impossible to see that a 4 star accommodation nestles behind the brick walls unless you know it! But that’s part of the subtle luxury that defines Lydmar - one doesn’t go here to experience an abundance of extravagance, but rather to unwind in an informal yet comfortable environment.

Stockholm by night - view from the hotel

Lydmar Hotel offers four different room categories - all designed in a contemporary yet classic look, but not one room is the same. I stayed in a so-called ‘Medium King room’, which provides a king size bed, a large bath room, a mini bar with local snacks, complimentary wifi and movies. The view from the room wasn’t the best, but luckily the room in itself was very cosy. Extra indulgence include: slippers, bathrobes and free entrance to Grand Hotel Nordic Spa & Fitness (located at the neighboring hotel).

Inside a ‘Medium King’ bedroom

A celebration of art and life

During my stay I experienced the hotel to be buzzing with people, especially in the morning and at dinner time. The atmosphere invites people inside for both for an hour and for an entire afternoon; grab a book and a cup of coffee and enjoy life in the centre of the Swedish capital. That’s probably how I would describe it best. Lydmar Hotel offers a full and quite healthy breakfast buffet every morning, which is always included if you’re a staying guest. On Sundays families and friends gather here for brunch or lunch with a view, and during the night it’s possible to grab a snack from the late night menu or simply choose the full works from the a la carte menu. I can highly recommend the ‘chockladganache’ - a heavenly dessert for chocolate lovers!

A hearty breakfast to start the day!

Lydmar celebrates art, which is quite obvious if you take a tour through the different floors of the hotel. Creativity and contemporary art seems to be key factors in the decor, but there’s a strong sense of humor behind it as well. Do check for coming art exhibitions if you’re planning a visit!

Lydmar Hotel is the obvious choice for travelers searching for ‘quiet’ luxury in homely surroundings. Families with children will embrace the down-to-earth atmosphere, while business travelers will appreciate the modern facilities and easy access.

Check out www.lydmar.com for more info.

Lydmar Hotel is member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

A cosy moment!




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