Participating in TBCAsia Travel Blog Awards 2016 (bronze winner)

A Sri Lankan adventure

Over the past years, more and more blog awards have seen the light of day – some of them more professional than others. Hence I was, admittedly, a bit sceptical about entering the TBCAsia conference in Sri Lanka this June, however, all prejudices were brought to shame. Participating in the world’s largest travel blogger conference and award show arranged by TBCAsia and Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, was probably one of the best thing’s I have ever done for myself and my company.

60 travel bloggers from all over the world had been invited to join a week of adventure in Sri Lanka followed by an impressive award show, which surpassed all expectations. 30 out of 60 bloggers were shortlisted, myself included, meaning that we had been nominated in 10 different categories. The Copenhagen Traveler was nominated ’Best Luxury Travel Blog’ along with two other blogs, but before the tension could be released, we all had to embark on a 6-day adventure throughout different parts of Sri Lanka.

Me (left) winning bronze in the category ‘Best Luxury Travel Blog’

Sharing a love for travel

Luckily, I was signed up for the southern tour, which gave me the pleasure of not only exploring the beautiful coastal area of Sri Lanka (including a national park, long, sandy beaches perfect for surfing and some of the country’s most stunning hotels); I also got to meet a team of passionate travel bloggers from around the world, who shared my love for traveling the globe!

The actual award show was carried out at one of Colombo’s biggest hotels; Cinnamon Grand Colombo, where hundreds of bloggers and insiders from the travel industry got the chance to meet and discuss the business. Even though Sri Lanka has been welcoming tourists since the 1960’s, it’s only fair to say that it’s still a rather new destination. An exciting opportunity to explore a brand new market!

Dancers performing at the award show

The Copenhagen Traveler ended up taking home the bronze medal at the award show. Maybe next year it will be silver or gold instead, maybe not. No matter what, I’m determined to keep my eyes on the “real prize” - an adventure that will stay with me for a long time.

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