Why I chose being a travel writer (and 6 reasons I love it!)

Being a travel writer is awesome, but a lot of hard work too! I often get asked about my job and why I love it so much, so I decided to write this post. I hope it will inspire you and give you an insight to the business. 

It gives me the opportunity to see the world

First and foremost, you shouldn’t become a travel writer (or blogger) unless you’re completely and utterly in love with the world. We all travel differently, and I too have my favorite parts of the world, but one thing travel writers have in common is itchy feet. We stay in one place for too long and suddenly an urge for exploring comes creeping up on us.

I created my own job description simply because that’s the only way for me to live. Somehow I always knew that, but it takes courage to break free and follow your heart. I’m forever grateful of being able to see the world through my job, and having seen the sun set in different continents, has really changed me.

I can dispose of my own time

When I talk to other Entrepreneurs, we often agree that freedom is the ultimate motivation. Of course, money is an important factor for me as well, but the fact that I’m free to do whatever I want - when I want it - sets my soul on fire. I’m my own boss and the only person responsible for my happiness. Happiness for me is to book a spontaneous trip to Italy or work from home in my pajama on a Monday morning and being a freelancer makes that possible. On the other hand, I often have to work in late hours, on Friday nights and during weekends.

I can stay true to my creative spirit

My calling is to write and create. Ever since I was a little girl, writing has been my refuge and deep down inside I knew, that I would make a career out of it. It took me more than 6 years to realize that I wasn’t meant to study in a university (I took several courses and shorter educations instead), so if I can give you one piece of advice, it has to be: stay true to your spirit. What did you enjoy doing as a child? What can you work meticulously with for hours without being bored? In my case, it’s being able to express myself creatively, through articles, blog campaigns, video productions and social media. I recently took up painting again - something I enjoyed doing as a child. So start practicing listening to yourself instead of others, and you’ll quickly realize what you should really be doing with your life. The rest will follow eventually.

I get to meet so many wonderful people around the world

Somehow I always felt that it’s a shame only to make friends with people in your own country. When I started traveling, I quickly understood that good friends can be found in every corner of the world - they don’t have to speak the same language as you nor share the same interests. When you open up to other cultures, start asking questions and meeting others with your heart instead of your assumptions, amazing things happen. Today, I feel blessed to have friends in different continents and time zones, even though it means that we don’t get to see each other that often.

When traveling the world is your job, you also get to meet a lot of professionals working in the same business as you. From Hotel Managers to local tour guides and other travel bloggers - they’re all part of the adventure. Connecting with people abroad gives me a sense of community and happiness.

I can continue being a dreamer

Once a dreamer, always a dreamer. I believe most travel writers (and writers in general) have specifically one thing in common: we’re dreamers. It’s somehow part of the story telling process and photography obsession, and I truly believe that dreaming makes this world a more beautiful place. I can spend an entire afternoon strolling through neighborhoods, writing or creating collages while dreaming of foreign places and distant skies. That’s why this job is so perfect for me. Being a travel writer demands that you’re focused (because the field is so competitive), but it certainly also gives you the freedom to let your mind wander.