MASH Penthouse: Wine and Dine on top of Copenhagen

Welcome to MASH Penthouse - a brand new restaurant with a familiar concept on top of the Danish capital. Penthouse is the 8th addition to the MASH family and provides guests with juicy steaks and impeccable views of Copenhagen. 


French vibes on 12th floor

I have a weak spot for juicy meat and lavish cocktails. Whether they should be combined or not will be up to the individual, but they are both able to create a tasting experience out of the ordinary. A well-cooked steak is a rare thing these days and so is a sensational cocktail that stays on your palette long after it is gone. For several years now, MASH in Copenhagen has taken pride in feeding hungry guests with a craving for both of the first-mentioned, and so I was curious to see whether the newest addition to the family, MASH Penthouse, could keep up the legacy.

Since the new restaurant is located in elegant surroundings on top of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Hotel (5 minutes from the Main Central Station), my expectations were quite high - and luckily, I was not dissapointed. With extraordinary views of Copenhagen (12th floor) and interior decorations that matches any chic French bistro – deep red velvet, black furniture and gold details - this place offers the perfect settings for a romantic date or a festive night out with friends.

From Danish Ribeye to Japanese Kobe

But let us get to the point: the meat. Cause that is after all the core concept of MASH. Although they serve very decent starters inspired by the French classics; oysters, foie gras and scallops, you simply have to go for the main prize: a piece of juicy Ribeye, sirloin or tenderloin beautifully accompanied by sauce Bernaise (which is so thick and perfect that it barely moves when putting the dish upside down!) and thick French fries. If you like a little green to go with the meat, choose the creamy spinach, mushrooms confit or – my personal favorite – sweet potatoe fries (that counts as vegetables, right?)

MASH provides its guests with meat from 6 different countries: Uruguay, Germany, Denmark, Japan, the US and Australia. Serious meat lovers will undoubtedly appreciate the Japanese Kobe meat, which is a bit more pricy, but worth every cent.

To finish of our meal, we chose a mouth-watering Créme Brulée with passion fruit sorbet and three scoops of ice cream from the Danish producer Rossini Organics.


Wine and cocktails

The wine selection at MASH Penthouse is quite comprehensive without being dominant and taking away focus from the food. Guests can enjoy the view of the full wine collection in the back of the restaurant, where an open ’wine cellar’ has been established. Rather have a cocktail? No worries. A ‘MASH Margarita’ is the signature drink here and it is an excellent choice before dinner. Enjoy it with the views of the city and preferably on the rooftop terrace if temperatures allow it.

MASH Penthouse is a must-try if you like classy vibes and French bistro style with an elegant twist. And it is the perfect place to begin your Friday or Saturday night. For more info go to www.mashsteak.dk.


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