Room22: My new content agency for hotels

This year has been the most intense in my life so far. Not only did I become a mother in February; I also wrote a book (!) and started working on my dream business, which I’m now ready to introduce to the world. Yes, 2018 has been one big roller coaster ride, and even though it’s NOT a walk in the park juggling so many things at once, it’s so worth it. Especially now that my son is getting bigger and I somehow have a clearer perspective on things again. 

If you have been following me on my personal Instagram, you know that I’ve been working behind the scenes on something exciting throughout most of the year. And now that the website has been launched, I want to share the news; I’ve finally launched my own content agency for boutique- and design hotels: Room22. I say ‘finally’ because I’ve been circling around the idea for years, but as always, the universe holds back until you’re ready to fully commit. Funnily enough (or perhaps even because of that), I only felt 100% ready to take it on around the same time my son came into the world. 

So why a content agency? Having traveled the world and managed The Copenhagen Traveler for 4 years, it has been a natural development for me to create Room22. I have a background in hospitality - an industry I love and want to stay in as long as I can. I feel at home here, and working with hotels is my passion. Although I have stayed in and worked with many sorts of hotels throughout my career as a travel blogger and travel journalist, it has always been the smaller ones that have particularly caught my attention. The charm, the service and the atmosphere of a boutique hotel is magical - and I find it to be a true paradise for a content creator and story teller like myself! Thee are so many stories waiting to be told and I’m excited to embark on this new business and life adventure with my skilled photographer and a team of dedicated writers by my side.

The Copenhagen Traveler will stay the same, cause even though I’m a mother and managing a business (I guess that’s what they call a mumpreneur…), my love for traveling the globe is intact. And I’d like to keep sharing the good stories with you.

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Photo: Mille Ayo

I’m excited for this new business adventure and can’t wait for what 2019 has in stock! As always, you can sign up for my newsletter and follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop.

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Room22: My new content agency for hotels

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