5 reasons to stay in luxury when traveling

Travelling the world in style is a dream of many. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that adding a bit of decadence to your trip isn’t as difficult as you might assume. With the right budgeting and planning, anyone can experience luxury travel. So start forming fantastic memories by booking luxury accommodation today. Here are 5 good reasons. 


It can be great value

Luxury doesn’t have to be difficult – nor does it have to be expensive. In some destinations, you can indulge for an unbelievable price. Luxury resorts in Thailand, for instance, can be relatively inexpensive for what you get. We’re talking beachside locations, Thai massages and fresh seafood for under $100 a night.

Do your research and treat yourself to luxury in places where you’ll get more for your money. It’s also worth travelling out of season if you’re in search of a bargain.

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True relaxation 

Whether you’re travelling long-term or you’re on a quick holiday before returning to work, you need to take time to yourself. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries from time to time. And what better way to relax than booking into places that guarantee comfort and service? When you’re researching, you should look for:

  • Great reviews from multiple sources
  • On-site chefs and highly-trained staff
  • Additional extras – excursions, private dining, spa services
  • Travel arrangements

A needed break 

If you’re spending significant time away from home, you’ll appreciate home comforts more and more – especially if you’ve spent time on the road with other long-term travellers. So give yourself a break and the chance to re-energise. Your mind and body will thank you for being in the same spot for a few nights or a week and you’ll feel better prepared for your next travel experience.

Luxury equals green 

Some of the most luxurious hotels are also the greenest, meaning its easier than ever to combine luxury and green travel – and that’s great news for the eco-conscious amongst us. Make sure your footprint is minimal by booking accommodation that cares for its surroundings. This might include:

  • Alternative energy use
  • Efforts to reduce carbon emissions and waste
  • Sustainable design
  • Support for local wildlife and populations

Check out our list of the world’s greenest luxury hotels as a starting point.

 You deserve it

More than anything, you deserve the very best – so enjoy a taste of luxury and share your best accommodation experiences with us on social media (Instagram: @the_copenhagen_traveler, Twitter: @cphtraveler)


5 reasons to stay in luxury when traveling

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