Angleterre & Residence: Fine dining in Lausanne

On the picturesque shores of Lac Leman, close to the centre of Lausanne and in an old building dating back to the 18th century, you’ll find Angleterre & Residence; a 4 ½ star establishment housing both a hotel and a restaurant. For many years Angleterre & Residence has allured guests with its fine dining and exceptinal sorroundings. During my Swiss Tour I had the pleasure of eating lunch at L’Accademia. Here’s my review. 

Joie de vivre and Italian cuisine
When you’re traveling through Switzerland, and in particular the region around Lake Geneva, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by the lifestyle and joie de vivre which everyone seems to be a part of. The lake is the centre of most activities including sailing, water skiing and fishing and on the shores you’ll find people lunching and enjoying life in restaurants and cafées.

On a beautiful, sunny day I ventured out to have lunch at the fashionable Angleterre & Residence, which offers stunning views towards the lake and fine Italian cuisine. But don’t be fooled by the last-mentioned, cause Italian cuisine doesn’t have to involve neither pizza nor pasta.
The standard of the restaurant is already determined from the beginning; there’s white cloths on the tables, the manager’s wearing a suit and the dress code is obviously casual but chic.

True fine dining
As I’m showed to my table I order a bottle of water and a glass of white wine (I obviously had to try the local wine!) accompanied by the first course; carpaccio and king prawns with aubergine. As I didn’t know what to expect when entering the restaurant I was even more pleasantly surprised by the high level of quality and taste of the food. All ingredients were obviously fresh and seasonal and the combination of them seems just perfect!

Shortly after finishing the starter my main course arrived, and even though it could seem a little heavy for a sunny day, it was one of the best meals I had during my trip; sweet bread with risotto and vegetables.
Of course I couldn’t help myself when the waiter cleared the table and proposed a dessert. It was too good to say no, so I decided for a café gourmand. It consisted of a regular coffee with 3 mini desserts, which marked the end of a superb meal.

The Café Gourmand

L’Accademia is the place to be if you want to indulge in fine, Italian cuisine in exquisite settings. Prices range from 17-56 EUR.

For more information on Restaurant L’Accademia go to www.angleterre-residence.ch/accademia


Bonus info: Angleterre & Residence is neighbour and partner with the iconic luxury hotel Beau-Rivage Palace, for which reason they share several facilities including the luxurious spa Cinq Mondes. For more information on Angleterre & Residence go to www.angleterre-residence.ch