Phyris: Skin care for the avid traveller

The avid traveler would know tiring frequent traveling can be for the skin. Regular flying dries out your complexion more than you could imagine, so keeping a good moisturizer within reach is a good idea! Recently I became acquainted with the German skin care brand Phyris, which offers luxurious and international celebrated cosmetic and skin care products, and I’m already addicted to their Retinol Cream! Read on if you too want to get acquainted with ‘the little life savers’ when traveling. 

What happens to your skin when flying?
The humidity changes a lot causing skin to dry faster. We feel comfortable when the humidity in the air is about 40 to 70%, but in an aircraft cabin it falls to about 20%. The usual physical symptoms due to this is dry eyes, a sore or dry throat and dry nose. Add to this an irritated and dry skin, which in worst cases will develop eczema. Obviously, I’m bringing matters to a head now, since not everyone experiences irritation or dryness, but my point is that taking care of your skin is overall important - especially if you’re a frequent flyer.

Phyris - A worldwide success
Phyris skin care products originate from Bavaria in Germany and today the brand is represented in more than 52 countries worldwide. The products are especially popular in spas and wellness institutes and during the years they have been awarded with several prizes. Products are divided into numerous ranges - each offering unique skin properties and benefits. If you decide to fling yourself into the world of luxury skin care from Phyris, do make sure to consult a professional spa-, beauty- or skin therapist before. My own personal favorites amongst the different ranges are Triple A and Luxesse. 

Dry and dehydrated skin
Our skin is as different as night and day, but still many of us suffer from dry, irritated and dehydrated skin. While this can be caused by drinking too little water or by avoiding lasting moisturizers on a daily basis, dry and irritated skin can certainly also emerge if you’re under the influence of stress for a longer period of time. Help yourself - and your skin - by taking a step in the right direction; drink 2 litres of water every day and apply a moisturizer that fits the needs of your skin every morning. The Retinol Cream from the Triple A range is a 24-hour moisturizer that reduced wrinkles and ads a perfect, healthy glow to your skin. I use it everyday (both morning and evening!) but one time a day should be sufficient!

For more information on Phyris go to www.grandel.com.