Review: Dinner at Le Coté Jardin / Lausanne Palace & Spa

I have been at many 5 star hotels during the past couple of years, but one hotel strikes me to be extra magical - Lausanne Palace & Spa in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ever since the hotel opened its doors almost 100 years ago (in 1915), the clientele has consisted of hedonists from all over the world seeking that extra inch of luxury. The establishment hosts 5 different restaurants to cater for all needs and senses, and I went to dine at Le Coté Jardin, which is said to be ‘a feast for the senses’. Here’s my review. 

Lausanne is located 1 hour from Geneva and it roughly consist of hills with charming, winding streets and French-inspired architecture. It can be rather challenging to reach your goal when wearing high heels and so I learned my lesson this Friday evening on a chilly summer evening. When we finally reached the entrance I was stoked about the beautiful Belle Epoque style of the hotel and it only got better when entering the property; gold leafs, marble pillars, sparkling chandeliers and chesterfield sofas mixed together in a wonderful medley.

Lausanne Palace & Spa

A Mediterranean touch
After a quick glance around the hotel we finally made it to ‘Le Coté Jardin’, which seems like a breath of fresh air in the historical hotel. The restaurant is clearly inspired by the Mediterranean, but it’s really a mix between different southern cultures in both Italy, Greece, France, North Africa and Asia. The inventory is light and modern and the view from the restaurant is absolutely breathtaking. Our table was located on the terrace and even though it was a bit cold, I insisted on staying until dessert came in and it was simply too cold outside - but the view towards the lake and the city of Lausanne is really something worth traveling for!

A glance at the menu revealed that it consisted of many different delicacies such as pasta and risotto, seafood, Greek inspired dishes and lots of vegetables as well. I went for the seafood plate accompanied by a glass of local white wine. In between we had a serving of fresh bread with olive oil, which was both fresh and delicate.

Approximately 30 minutes later our food arrived, but unfortunately my seafood wasn’t in the condition I had expected. Both fish and prawns were deep-fried, which made the taste rather insignificant. I’m not a fan of deep-fried food, which was probably the main reason for my discomfort, but we managed to make it until dessert. This part was my favorite as one can simply order the entire buffet! The cheese and cake buffet is 20 CHF and then you’re allowed to eat all you want! So obviously that’s what I did… My favorite part of the buffet was the chocolate cake and the cornucopia of fresh berries and fruits in all shapes and sizes. I’m a huge fan of raspberries and blackberries!

Ready for a night in Lausanne!

A magical atmosphere
We finished off with a cup of coffee and enjoyed the view one last time before we headed back to our hotel. Unfortunately I wasn’t going to stay at Lausanne Palace for the night, but I’d definitely come back anytime! The Coté Jardin is a cosy little place in beautiful surroundings. Even though my experience with the food wasn’t the best, I’d recommend anyone going there for a snack and a drink while listening to the skilled piano and enjoying the view. Lausanne Palace is shrouded in a magical atmosphere, which is hard to find these days. Maybe it’s the old school glamour. I don’t know. But I’d be glad for return again soon.

Le Coté Jardin is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information go to www.lausanne-palace.com.