Dinner at the Ambassador Hotel, Santorini

Only very few places in the world does it better than Santorini when it comes to all-round beauty and breath-taking sunsets. In fact, I don’t know any place I’d rather go to when speaking of chasing the ultimate sunset experience! I have found the perfect spot on the island if you’re keen on combining all in one; dinner, sunset and luxury. Bon appetit.

If you’re just out to find a romantic spot with a view to the famous sunset while vacationing on Santorini, you can find hundreds of small taverns and eateries along the coast. But if you’re keen on a little luxury as well - and who isn’t - you should definitely pay The Ambassador Hotel a visit!
Greece isn’t famous for its impeccable hospitality and luxury hotels and one shouldn’t visit the country with expectations of this, cause Greece is definitely best in its purest and most natural form. However, exceptions do exist and one of these are located in the island of Santorini - the southernmost member of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

The pool outside the restaurant during day time

Ambassador Hotel opened its doors in 2013 with a number of 40 rooms, suites and private villas as well as an organic spa area and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Caldera. The last-mentioned is what I will focus on, since we stayed here for 1 night only.
Petra - the restaurant - is a blend of traditional Greek cuisine and contemporary luxury interior. The hotel clearly wants to state something different with this venue and since it’s an ode to the island-chic lifestyle, which is ever so popular amongst younger travelers today, it seems as though the restaurant especially attracts the younger generations. A perfect spot for honeymoon’ers and lovers from all over the world seeking a little extra luxury on their journey.

The famous sunset!

The breath-taking view from the restaurant captured us already upon arrival and we quickly agreed that a cocktail should make us company. A Pina Colada for me and a Gin & Tonic for my traveling companion. The menu revealed that the Greek cuisine was dominant, but not in its purest form; executive chef George Xinos had made some adjustments, which would add new and interesting dimensions to the traditional kitchen.

A well-made Pina Colada!

Mr. Xinos even came out to present the menu himself and several waiters had already told us that his cuisine would simply blow us away - in the good sense, that is! With that in mind we couldn’t wait to receive our first serving out of 6 (!) and after the cocktails, which were delicious by the way, we ordered a bottle of white wine and some sparkling water to accompany our meal.

“A perfect spot for honeymoon’ers and lovers from all over the world seeking a little extra luxury on their journey”

The focal point in our menu seemed to be fish and shellfish, which made quite good sense due to the location. There was no doubt that all ingredients were fresh and local, and even though I wasn’t keen on some of the dishes (a fish soup with sea water and deep fried king prawns), the overall impression was good! Especially one of the dishes captured my heart right from the first bite; the grilled tuna, which was so tender and soft that it would be a sin not to eat up. And so I did.

One of the main courses (with tuna)

Dessert consisted of local, Greek cheese on one side and a selection of sweet specialities such as Greek yoghurt with honey, ice cream and fruits on the other. After 6 courses each we were completely satiated and there was not even room for a coffee!
The sky had changed dramatically during our stay here; from pretty pastels around 6 pm to flaming pink and red around sunset at 9 pm. I’m still 100% sure that this is the most amazing view one can ever have while enjoying a dinner! Or enjoying anything else for that matter. Petra at Ambassador Hotel is the perfect venue if you want to combine both fine dining with spellbinding surroundings, and why not combine it with an overnight stay allowing you to enjoy breakfast with a view to kill for as well!

For more information on Ambassador Hotel go to www.ambassadorhotelsantorini.com.