Casual comfort in Vienna: The Ring Hotel

If you like the sound of “casual luxury “, a central location and public transportation just outside the main door, then The Ring Hotel might just be perfect for you. This 4 star hotel offers pretty much anything you need on a weekend get-away in the beautiful city of Vienna. Here’s my review. 

Casual luxury
The first thing that catches my eye when entering The Ring Hotel is a signed picture of actress Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds from 2010. They were here at this very hotel and apparently, they enjoyed it quite a lot. At least, that’s what they’ve written on the photos. I believe them, cause The Ring Hotel might just be the kind of hotel you’d check into when craving comfort, but not luxury its opulent form.

The lobby

Although it might look old because of its location in a beautiful 19th Century building, the hotel itself is still quite young. However, the position in proportion to the city center is just perfect! Kärntner Ring 8 seems to be the home of several of Vienna’s grand hotels, for which reason you feel the buzz both day and night. And behind the Kärntner Ring the old city unfolds with its historical charm and large selection of cafes.

Our double room went under the category of ‘X-Ordinary’ - 40 square meters of laid-back luxury in the shape of a king size bed, a wardrobe and a view towards the busy Kärntner Ring. And just minutes after our arrival, a waiter knocked on the door carrying a sweet gesture from the hotel manager; a plate of chocolate and fruit. The room also included wireless internet, a coffee machine, a working space and a flat screen.

The bedroom

Restaurant ‘At Eight’
It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Vienna’s large selection of gourmet restaurants and cosy cafes, but most hotels offer a restaurant as well if guests wish to stay in. This is also the case for The Ring Hotel. Restaurant ‘At Eight’ is located on the ground floor at the entrance of the hotel, and everyday they serve brunch/breakfast, lunch and dinner. The international menu card offer anything from French and Italian delicacies to local, Austrain dishes - and if you get thirsty, the hotel’s cocktail bar isn’t far away.

A la carte breakfast is not something you see very often, as most hotels rely on buffet servings, but The Ring Hotel has embraced the concept fully. Maybe that’s not the best idea - at least we didn’t have the best experience. Now, I’m not sure if we were just unlucky or if the management of the restaurant is in urgent need of an upgrade, fact is that we waited for almost half an hour to be waited. When that finally happened and our food arrived it turned out that the kitchen had made a mistake in our order. In other words we received something we had never ordered. A slightly disappointed experience, but thankfully not indicative for the rest of our stay.

The restaurant

The Ring Day Spa is to be found on the 7th floor of the hotel offering classic wellness treatments, a sauna and a steam bath, a quiet area and a gym. It’s not big, but it contains everything you need to relax and experience a true pampering while in Vienna.

The Ring Hotel suits business travelers and everyone else who’s looking for a relaxed and comfortable stay in Vienna. The location is perfect.

For more information go to www.theringhotel.com.