My European Top 5: Italy

Although many countries and cultures have captured my heart through time, there’s a handful, which I keep returning to. Read on for some European travel inspiration. First one on the list is Italy! 

Why is Italy so captivating?

If you have ever traveled your way through the Italian landscape, you will know what I’m talking about. There’s no way around it - Italy has some of the most breathtaking nature in Europe if you ask me - and the diversity of it is pretty amazing too. From the hilly scenery of the wine and food region Piemonte in the north to golden fields and pine tress in Tuscany and the rough yet overly romantic coast line of Amalfi. And if you continue down to the tip of the boot (and Sicily) you will experience yet another landscape. Add to that the amazing food culture and intriguing history and you have nothing less than the perfect holiday spot.

La dolce far niente - The Italian way of life

There’s no one quite like Italians when it comes to enjoying life - and feeling good about doing nothing at all! Italians have even made up a phrase for this; ‘la dolce far niente’, which directly translated means ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’.

Italians begin their day with a coffee (espresso or cappuccino) and they continue to take breaks with friends or family throughout the day. Food is also a very important factor and the quality of it is usually really good. Especially if mama cooks!

The work/life balance is important for Italians and people are encouraged to enjoy life. Maybe things don’t go as fast as they could - but who cares? Once you’re in Italy you’ll forget all about it!

Photo: topinspired.com

Romantic sceneries

Italy is undoubtedly home to some of the most romantic scenery in the world. Just think of Tuscany’s endless vineyards, charming wineries and sunny, golden colors. Or what about Venice with its incomparable scenery of channels and gondolas? Venice should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially because it’s literally sinking! Just prepare for the fact that many other people might have the same idea as you!; Venice is full of tourists!

Last, but not least Italy accommodates the overly romantic Amalfi Coast, which has been a haven for both sightseers and intellectuals for several decades. Explore the island of Capri and the Pompeii while you’re there.

Photo: italyinlimo.com