Falkenberg Strandbad: A family-friendly wellness experience in Sweden

You can travel to Sweden for several reasons; One of them is their tradition for spa- and wellness resorts. Along the Swedish west coast alone you’ll find spa hotels like beads on a string - some more luxurious than others. This time around I had the pleasure of visiting the famous beach resort Falkenberg Strandbad, which dates back to 1937 and had its golden age up until the beginning of World War II. Today it’s a haven for families with children. 

Falkenberg: then and now The golden age of beach hotels emerged in the 1920’s, where wealthy citizens from the cities conquered the beaches in order to get some fresh air and time of from the hectic city life. And today, more than 70 years after the first beach hotel saw the light of day, the trend of venturing to relaxing spa hotels close to the beach is more popular than ever. One can find these beach hotels all over the world, but the selection in Scandinavia is somewhat unique because of the light and beautiful, rough nature. Unfortunately Falkenberg Strandbad doesn’t look the same as when it opened in 1937, cause in 1958 a fire broke out burning literally everything to the ground. However, a new, modern hotel was build and this is what we see today.

The first thing that comes to mind when entering the property and parking lot of the hotel is the size; it’s quite big! Never the less there’s ‘only’ 136 rooms and they are both cosy and comfortable. The hotels also houses a big lounge, an even bigger restaurant with sea view and room for plenty of dining guests - and a well-equipped spa and wellness area. After check-in to our room (small yet cosy and with a balcony over-looking the beach), it was time for lunch. We found a spot in the restaurant and had a go at the buffet containing a selection of salads, home baked bread and soups. Not surprisingly, both the food and the atmosphere caters for families with younger children and there’s room for everyone. A plus if you’re looking for a good time with your family in relaxed settings, but less great if you’re up for a quiet wellness retreat. Anyhow, Falkenberg offers something for all generations whether it’s a stroll along the beach, a lavish brunch buffet or a swim in the pool.

The Retreat Club The hotel claims to have the most luxurious spa in all of Sweden offering different spa packages and facilities. Even though we found the spa itself quite small, this confident proclamation proves correct as the walls are embellished with gold leaf, giant chandeliers adorns the ceilings and the heated pools offer a unique sea view. Never the less, the best part is the relaxation area offering VIP rooms with snacks, tea, fresh fruit and a pleasant temperature. Here one can truly relax while enjoying the sea view and tranquility.

If you’re a spa lover you have the choice to choose between 5 different spa packages, which will take you through the facilities of the wellness area. These include: Ivory, Ruby, Gold, Safir and Diamond, and while Ivory is the basic package giving you the chance to enjoy the spa for a 2 hour duration, the Diamond package is for the serious wellness addicts. This deal allows you to enjoy 6,5 hours in spa heaven including a 45 minutes optional treatment and we can almost guarantee that you will return home with softer skin than ever! In the summer time it’s possible to relax outside with a view to the beach and of course you can indulge in the classic spa facilities such as the hamam, the sauna and the rasul as well.

Before dinner I can recommend having a cocktail or a glass of wine on the terrace of the restaurant offering a splendid view to the sea. In winter time the lounge area and the bar serves as a comfortable location for those looking for a relaxed venue with cosy furnitures and fun vintage artifacts. And if you like the interior decoration of the hotel (safari meets vintage) it’s actually possible to buy the items through the hotel’s own webshop. 

Go to Falkenberg Strandbad if you want to experience the Swedish west coast and long, sandy beaches. It’s the ideal location for a family weekend or a short spa get-away - and in the summertime the small town of Falkenberg is a buzzing vacation spot with both restaurants, cafés and leisure activities. Falkenberg is a 1,5 hour drive from Copenhagen and approximately 5,5 hours from Stockholm.

For more information on Falkenberg Strandbad go to www.strandbaden.se. 

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