Experience Spreewald with your own eyes (video)

After our visit to wonderful Spreewald in May, we’ve been busy producing our promo video. Here it is; the region seen through our eyes. You can also read my two previous posts about Spreewald here and here

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One hundred kilometers south of Berlin, a whole different landscape - and culture - emerges. The region of Spreewald is a popular vacation spot for both Berliners and Germans in general who wish to escape city life and indulge in peaceful, beautiful nature. Spreewald is also known  by the name of ‘the Green Venice’ due to its complex network of small rivers and there are plenty of traditions to take part in.

The original people who settled here weren’t Germans, but Sorbians (Slavic people), thus the traditional spoken language is Sorbian. There are a lot of customs and traditions connected to the original settlers in Spreewald and it’s fun to dive into the culture here, e.g. by embarking on a guided tour and tasting the different delicacies, which the region is so famous for. Today, there are still between 40.000-60.000 Sorbians living here; they are a recognized minority in Germany.

In the video above, we’re showing you Spreewald through our eyes. I hope it inspires you to explore this beautiful part of Germany yourself.

If you still need convincing, read my previous post: “6 good reasons why you should visit Spreewald in Germany”.




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