Checking in: Hotel Skansen, Sweden

The avid reader might have noticed our profound love for Swedish spa hotels. Not only is it a great way to pull the plug and unwind for a couple of days, Swedes just know a thing or two when it comes to relaxing holidays along the coast. Here’s one of our favorites. 


The charm of the west coast

We have visited Hotel Skansen in Båstad before and therefore we kind of knew what to expect. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to explore this beautiful region of Sweden! Båstad is a small town on the west coast (1,5 hour from Gothenburg). Since the beginning of the 20th Century it has been the go-to-place for Sweden’s jet during the summer months, and this summer isn’t an exception. You can already feel the laid-back summer vibe when entering Båstad and from there it’s quite easy to forget about all work-related issues.
Hotel Skansen was established as a hotel in the 1920’s, but already long before, the place was famous for its wellness facilities, especially the cold bath house - a wooden house in the ocean containing a sauna, a heated jacuzzi and a relaxing area. This is still one of the highlights of the hotel and something we personally couldn’t wait to explore again!



Blissfull spa and family friendly surroundings

Apart from the cold bath house, the spa contains a wide range of facilities and treatments - something you cannot miss if staying here. Enjoy a honey massage, your own spa kit including a scrub or simply just indulge in the indoor pool overlooking the ocean. It’s pure bliss!

Restaurant Sand is the gathering point for hungry guests and anyone looking for a well-made cocktail either before or after dinner. It’s not advanced cuisine, but the kitchen serves up good food made from local ingredients from the Bjäre peninsula. It’s an updated version of a family restaurant, where even the youngest members of the family can get satisfied.


The breakfast buffet is a pleasure to experience as well. While the selection might not be overwhelming, it’s only fair to say, that the quality is quite high. Oh, and the freshly made pancakes and waffles with whipped cream and jam are to die for! One is never enough…

Hotel Skansen has 172 rooms and guests have the possibility of staying in the old part of the hotel, the main building, with a splendid sea view. Other options include the tennis pavilions, congress pavilions, villas and apartments. Last-mentioned are well-suited for families, business people or visitors of the annual tennis tournaments. We definitely recommend staying in the main building, which offers a unique charm and cosiness.

hotel room

A stay at Hotel Skansen is always a pleasure, but bear in mind that you might need to book well in advance - especially during holidays and weekends! The relaxing atmosphere, which spa hotels are famous for, is best found here outside of holiday seasons. Otherwise, it’s simply too crowded.

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Checking in: Hotel Skansen, Sweden

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