The 10 travel destinations I’m currently dreaming of…

Although I might not get to travel as much as I want to this year (hi, Winter baby!), it certainly can’t stop me from dreaming about wonderful destinations around the world. I have this thing for California, but I’m also completely in love with the thought of visiting Japan and several destinations in Eastern Europe. 


I believe the reason for me wanting to go to Antarctica comes as a natural thing to most explorers out there. There’s simply no comparison to this breathtakingly beautiful (and still rather unexplored) continent. It’s pitch dark 24 hours a day in winter time, which is in May-August. I’d imagine going there in summer 😉


The republic of Kazakhstan is literally located in both Europe and Central Asia. Bordering countries such as Russia and China, Kazakhstan offers the planet’s most stunning nature (well, some of it, at least!) and the culture is very diverse due to the immigrants coming here during the time of Stalin. I’m really fascinated by these beautiful ethnic people.


Venice Beach (Los Angeles)

I was raised in Scandinavia, but in my heart, I’m a California girl. I knew that since I visited this enchanting part of the world for the first time 3 years ago, and ever since, it’s been a love affair of another dimension. If I have to pick a top 3, it would look something like this: LA (Venice Beach), Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Why did Venice Beach make it to the list? Because it has just the right mix of laid-backness and coolness (and weirdness) that I love. The eternal sunshine and stunning sunsets just add to the list…

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Needless to say, nothing compares to Greenland. Nothing. The world’s biggest island (which is mostly covered by ice), allures its visitors with ancient local traditions, fairytales and nature in its purest form. There’s something very pure about the people and the scenery; what you see is literally what you get and I love that about Greenland. We’ve been there twice now, and I can’t wait to go back soon (hopefully, later this year!)

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As the photos above depict, Azerbaijan is extremely diverse, hence my fascination for the country. From its wide snow-covered steppes to the high-tech savvy capital of Baku; there’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this!


I was supposed to visit Lapland several times, but the timing unfortunately never worked out, so I keep dreaming about this magical winter destination (which, by the way, should be equally alluring in summer!) With its breathtaking landscapes, ancient traditions and friendly locals (the Sami’s), Lapland is a dream come true for most travelers.


In recent years, I’ve developed this craving to visit several African countries. This massive continent is obviously extremely diverse and it’s nearly impossible to just pick one or two destinations there, however, I’ll give it a go anyways. Senegal is on top of my list at the moment due to its interesting history and very (stressing ‘very’) friendly locals. It’s supposedly not uncommon for locals to invite newcomers or visitors over for tea or dinner - that goes well with the popular word ‘Teranga’ meaning hospitality. Oh, and let’s not forget the world-class surfing and perfect beaches along the coast. Did I mention it’s a mere 5-hour flight from Europe?! No excuses anymore.


Named as a paradise on Earth, Seyschelles wins the hearts of travelers seeking luxury and pure relaxation. I was pretty taken with Maldives when I went there in 2016, but Seyschelles is supposedly a more budget-friendly version, which still caters to your wildest luxury travel dreams. Just look at the photo above. B.L.I.S.S.

Cape Town (and the wine lands)

If you’re fond of wine and exploring nature (preferably in combination), there’s no way around South Africa, and specifically Cape Town and its wine lands. So many picturesque villages and luscious vineyards to explore - so little time. I’m dreaming of taking a road trip along the beautiful Garden Route or staying at the luxurious The Silo. From here, you can get a clear view of where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Kyoto (Japan)

I’ve been wanting to go to Japan, and especially Hong Kong and Kyoto, for a long time now. There’s a certain magic about the country; perhaps it’s the traditional customs and traditions? Obviously Kyoto adds to the level of magic in Spring, when the cherry trees are blossoming and mingles with the old temples and snow-covered mountains. It doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

Which places do you want to visit this year? Leave a comment below 🙂



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