5 reasons you should travel to Croatia

You haven’t experienced Southern Europe if you haven’t experienced Croatia. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t already have enough reasons to go - here’s 5 more:

National parks

Croatia is situated on the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Eastern Europe. Not only does this add a very interesting cultural mix, which is to be seen in everything from culinary delights to cultural customs, it also involves pleasant temperatures and splendid nature. The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue, and Croatia has thousands of islands and islets to discover.

The most fascinating in my opinion though, is the national parks and nature parks, of which there is no less than 444! All these are protected areas, and Plitvice Lakes National Park is the eldest and most famous. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Plitvice is breathtakingly beautiful with its natural waterfalls and vigorous scenery.


A history geek or not, Croatia is one of Europe’s hot spots when it comes to national heritage and intriguing history. More than just a few Stone Age sites have been discovered all over the country and the Roman Empire plays in important role in Croatian history as well. Last-mentioned stands as well-preserved physical evidences, for example in Split and Dubrovnik, where 2.000 year old buildings still remain. Embark on a guided tour in one of the cities to get an overview of how amazing the history of Croatia really is.

Authentic culture and hospitality

It’s no secret that countries such as Greece and Italy have been favored by tourists for decades, but unfortunately, this has also resulted in an overexposure of the cultures. There’s no doubt that I love Southern Europe, but Croatia showed me parts of the original Mediterranean as it once was.
Croatia may not belong to the most service-minded nation in Europe, but they certainly are hospitable - especially if you show even just a slight interest in their culture and history. Croatians are proud of their country and the beauty of it, and they’re ardent supporters of joie de vivre, or shall we say ‘enjoying life’. There’s no way you’ve been to Croatia without sitting down for a coffee at least a couple of times during a day - preferably discussing recent world events.

Croatia is heavenly influenced by the Greek, Italian and Eastern European cultures, both in terms of food, architecture and music. Quite natural when you take a look at the country’s turbulent history, and quite fascinating too.

Sunny days

With more than 2.600 hours of sunshine per year, Croatia is one of the sunniest regions of the Mediterranean. This obviously means that spending your summer vacation here will most likely be a success, but there’s hardly any risk in arriving in September or October either. During my week here in the end of September I experienced 26 degrees in Split, but a little less in Dubrovnik. High and stabile temperatures also mean a lot of outdoor activities throughout the year.

The sunsets

Maybe this goes under the category of ‘nature’, but sunsets in Croatia are simply too beautiful not to be in a category of its own. With nearly 2.000 miles of coastline (3.219 kilometers), there’s plenty of opportunities for guests to have an extraordinary experience watching a romantic sunset. Unfortunately, most beaches in Croatia are covered with concrete or stone, but it’s still possible to find a cosy restaurant or bar close to the sea. Otherwise, book a room in one of the many hotels on the coastline - they offer perfect views of the Adriatic Sea!


thecopenhagentraveler.com was invited to Croatia by the Croatian National Tourist Board. For more information about Croatia go to www.croatia.hr.